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All men must die, but we are not men2 min read

Communication is at the root of the reality you create. It’s how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself and the kindness you show yourself. And it’s how you declare your truth to others.

In order to have a life and existence that matches what you feel inside 100% of the time, you must learn how to refine your own communication to be searingly accurate – when you speak the words should ring so true they sear a memory of their passing into your heart.

That way even the less pleasant and mundane tasks that come your way are more pleasurable and less mundane.

Because when you’re able to accurately and FULLY express your own inner truth in everything you do, your life becomes grace.

Every day becomes a prayer and your life is filled with grace and gratitude. And it’s precisely because there are so many people in the world who do not or can not express their inner truth in their everyday life that you, who can, must.

Women are told from a young age how they must be nice, be polite, be quiet, be tamed.

But even when you’ve never seen, touched, smelled or tasted the wild, the wild lives within you. Your soul knows the feral love of the wide open plains and your heart soars effortlessly on outstreched wings on the winds that sweep across the entire world.

Break the shackles binding you to your nicely contained existence, and bolt through the door cracked open to embrace your freedom and a glorious death under the stars.

Otherwise you risk withering away in your dark little corner, the deathrattle of your soul the whimper of what could have been.

Any one who can answer this call to constant creative expression of their true self must do so.

Not hide away from it because others cannot. But do it because by the act of doing so you, not only find redemption for yourself, but find redemption for us all.

By shying away from it you diminish us all, most of all yourself. And by caging yourself you decrese the amount of freedom that exists in the world, and you rob those who would be inspired by your freedom of their own key to freedom.

The call to true creative expression isn’t a privilige, it’s an obligation.

And if you’ve been called, you must serve.

In whatever ways you’re called to serve, anwer that call. In big ways and in small ways. In everyday ways and in once-in-a-lifetime ways. In things that you’re deeply passionate about and in things that you dislike but must do anyway.

Take your heart in one hand and your fear in the other and go forth in your courage.

Because all must serve.

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