Your sensitivity is your true power and it’s time for you to claim it

When you’re an empath, it can feel like you’re an oddity to most people โ€“ sometimes even yourself.

You see and feel the world differently than others because you’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and energy.

Your understanding of others, their true feelings and hidden motives, is often eerily spot on but you struggle with constantly being misunderstood.

Your existence as an empath can be very chaotic when you don’t know how to make the most of your innate gifts.

The moment you walk into a room, you’re bombarded with energetic information about everything and everyone there

You may initially be overwhelmed by a flood of information and take a long time to make sense of it afterwards.

Typical of being an empath is being the first one to know when someone isn’t honest or trustworthy. You get a feeling for when someone is being genuine.

Common problems empaths deal with:

  • Abrasive, insensitive personalities drain you excessively
  • You struggle with anxiety, depression and self-doubt
  • You may resort to an addiction to cope with feeling overwhelmed
  • You attract toxic people who seek to take advantage of your giving nature
  • You struggle with loneliness
  • You’re good at healing others, but often forget to heal yourself
  • You have a hard time winding down
  • Your mood is greatly influenced by the environment you’re in
  • You feel too much but don’t understand why
  • You don’t set strong boundaries around yourself
  • You find it difficult to say no because you don’t want to disappoint people

Empaths are beautiful and wise souls, but we often struggle to find our footing in the world. We can all too easily suffer from compassion fatigue and even burnout.

If you’ve struggled with any or all of these problems, know that just about every empath has felt exactly the same way. Others may try to shame you for your sensitivity, telling you that you need to toughen up or grow thicker skin.

But, honey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive and you’re not something broken that needs to be repaired.

It’s your empathy that brings light into the world, especially when you learn how to manage yourself and your own energy. When you learn how to turn your empathy into your superpower, you’ll go from surviving to thriving. ๐Ÿ’ช

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