Learn to forgive your body
This empath's journal

Body, I’m sorry1 min read

Love yourself. Take care of yourself.

Do things for yourself you would do for others.

Treat yourself as you would treat others.

Celebrate the small wins. Even if other people piss all over your enthusiasm.

Invest in yourself because it’s the right thing to do.

When you want to open yourself up to abundance.

You have to do it today, with whatever you have already.

Instead of hating your body, say thank you.

Thank you for making a person.

Thank you for giving birth to that person.

Thank you for putting up with all the hate I’ve been giving you.

Thank you for taking me places.

Thank you for allowing me to do things.

Thank you for working so well.

Thank you for letting me be alive.

I’ve underestimated you completely.

I hated you when I had no reason to do so.

I punished you when I was upset with myself.

I starved you when I thought you’d failed me.

I clawed at you when I thought I could let my sorrow flow out that way.

I took it out on you when I was frustrated with my own choices.

And you’ve borne it all. Gracefully.

And flexibly, because you’re still here and you’re still working.

After all the times I broke, scratched and dented you.

After the big, scary surgery we went through that saved two lives.

You’re still here. You still work.

Thank you.

And I’m sorry.

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