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Should you give up on having creative hobbies if you aren’t the creative type?

Why you should have a creative hobby

So, you can’t draw. Or knit. Or go near superglue without gluing at least two fingers together. You can’t decorate a cake to save your life and your violin playing makes the alleycats yowl.

So what? Does that mean that you should give up on having creative hobbies? Of course not!

Creativity is a fundamental part of who you are as a human being – and it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like. That’s something that you tweak with practice.

Without creativity we wouldn’t have started using fire, crafting tools or creating cave art – let alone developed culture and modern society.

Even the greatest masters started somewhere and the first time might have looked or tasted or sounded awful but it felt right.

Have you given up on your own creativity?

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Feel like your home doesn’t look like you? How to bring art into your home and your life

When I say ‘art’, what pops into your head?

Galleries? Fancy openings with impossibly long champagne flutes?

Being judged for not understanding a painting that looks like something your toddler made?

Beret and shade wearing artists who’d rather just spend all their time in the studio instead of schmoozing with potential clients?

Well, you’re not wrong. That’s the world of high brow art, where you’ll see price tags on paintings that you’d normally see on a new car in a showroom.

But it’s only a fraction of artists who manage to get representation from a gallery and find patrons who can afford those kinds of paintings.

Getting art into your home doesn’t have to be difficult or even expensive. Especially since the internet has changed how we buy things, finding art that is perfect for you is easier than ever.

With these tips you’ll have some rad art in your house in no time. Because art in your life is really something you don’t want to miss out on.

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