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Day 1: Money Mindset Workshop – Why am I doing this?3 min read

Dear Eva,

I’m writing to you today because I’ve set out on a new journey to completely rework my money mindset. Over the next 25 days I’m hoping that I’ll be able to completely turn my beliefs about my worthiness on their head.

I’ve long suffered from believing that my personal worth is very low. I’ve chronically undervalued myself and sold myself short time and again. I don’t think I’ve ever really believed that I’m going to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Now that I’ve got a business of my own though, there’s nothing more I want than for it to be wildly successful. But I’ve realised that in order for me to be successful at having a business, I need to completely rework my beliefs around success and wealth or I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on to any success that comes my way.

More than that – I know that I will not be able to enjoy or hold on to any success unless I alter my capacity to do so.

I have previous experience with having a business that had growth potential but tanked before it had a chance to fulfil its potential. And, though I can’t exactly see (or maybe don’t want to see) how I contributed to that, I know that I could have chosen differently and acted differently.

So, I want to take this chance to invest in myself, in my future success, because I know that if I don’t deal with this now, it will come back to haunt me.

Indeed, the first step I’m taking today is admitting to myself that I am responsible for the past successes and failures in business. This admission doesn’t come easily, so I know that I have work to do still.

My hope is that I will come out of this with a renewed faith in myself, in my capacity to hold success and receive abundance. I wish to be able to have a better relationship with money and through that a better relationship with myself.

By no means do I feel ready to do this, and to be honest, I sense the doubts lurking just beneath the surface. Whether they’re for this process or for me being able to change, I cannot say. But I will move forward in the hope that at the end of this, I will have changed for the better.

This barely feels sufficient to even have scratched the surface and it feels like I’ve gone and disturbed some long-forgotten creature that lurks beneath the surface. I feel like one of the hobbits standing by the dark and still lake before the West gate of Moria, where the Watcher in the Water lived, that horrifying and mysterious beast with many tentacles.

This makes me wonder; if I have to face that roiling unknown during this process, will I come through it? Or is that thing going to wrap a slimy tentacle around my ankle and pull me down into the deep?



Redefine how you value yourself.

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