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Day 10: Money Mindset Workshop – I want to do good with money2 min read

I hope people won’t see me differently when I have a lot of money. In the back of my mind i worry that my mom will see me as irresponsible if I have or make a lot of money. It’s how she’s treated me always, like I’m a bit of a dummy with real life. Then again, her assessment of me goes back to like almost 20 years ago, and back then I was an idiot with money. But I’d like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two since then. I’ve made a lot of money, had had a nice lifestyle as well as made no money and gone hungry since I flew the nest.

Really, my hope is that I’ll stop selling myself short from now on. Because there’s no point in killing yourself just so that you can live. Duh.

When I finally have a successful business that’s making all the money we need and more, I want to be generous with money towards others. I don’t want to just sit in it. I want to treat the people I hire extremely well, give them great benefits and paid vacations. I want to make sure that my whole community benefits from my success and prosperity.

I want to buy all the expensive eco-products and invest in the well-being of our environment, our people and our planet. I want to help clean up the ocean and protect marine life – fund research and lobbying for better laws for the oceans.

Just because I’ve made mistakes in the past doesn’t mean I’ll continue to do so. I mean I’ve educated myself about money and economies because I realised that I had a gaping hole in my knowledge there. I wanted to understand how it works as an ecosystem, not just what it means for me to have a salary.

The reason I used to be a dummy with money was because no one ever talked to me about it. The adults I tried to ask, at home or at school or wherever, were heartily unwilling to discuss it in further detail or just didn’t have the answers I was looking for. That’s why I wanted to go do the BBA – but quickly found out that they weren’t concerned with those things there either.

If economics wasn’t such a snooze I might have studied that. And whoa Nellie, where would I be today?

Redefine how you value yourself.

As a creative, it’s easy to make the mistake of equating your worth as a person to the success of your work.

It doesn’t help that you probably weren’t taught how to handle money and see value in a productive manner.

When you want to do the deep inner work to increase your earning potential and break through your income plateau, take The Money Mindset Workshop.

It’s a course with real talk about money, that includes exercises and journaling prompts to help you completely transform how you think and feel, not just about money, but how you measure your own worth.

I designed it for when you’re ready to fully step into your economic power and create a life that’s in alignment with your personal values and aspirations.

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