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Day 16: Money Mindset Workshop – I want to create a bigger change than I can alone6 min read

I’m grateful…

  1. for the experiences in my life so far because they’ve made me who I am today.
  2. that we’ve been through a lot in the last 16 years.
  3. that we were able to move back and get educated.
  4. that we had Oscar.
  5. that technology has gotten so much better since the 90s.
  6. that I’m able to build an online business.
  7. that my husband has a big enough salary that I could quit my job to focus 100% on building my business.
  8. for all the amazing documentaries I get to watch.
  9. that my mom supported my horseriding hobby even when she was fearful of me getting hurt.
  10. that I’ve known what it’s like to have money, and what it’s like to not have enough money to buy food because that has made me a better and more resilient person.

To change things from the way they are now, what can I do? I can continue to focus on building my business, working out what feels like it works for me and what doesn’t. I’m deffo not going into ads again, that was an utter disaster and I don’t want to do business that way anyway.

Because doing ads is like shouting to people in the street. Even social media, though that has its negative sides as well, is better than that. Best of all I like my blog and writing emails. I want to do more of that. But for that to be truly effective I need to grow my presence and gain a better foothold in the online space.

I mean really it’s kind of crazy how many things had to come together for me to be able to do this today. The inventions people came up with and all the work they’ve done to make this possible for me. I remember, years ago, thinking that it’d be nice to have a blog but I had no idea what to write one about, so I kept putting it off.

I didn’t want to start randomly sharing things from my life because it felt like that was so pointless. Just like following people you know on social media – it can be fun to see what they’re up to sure – but more often than not I’m proffered pictures of lunches I don’t get to eat or events I’m not invited to and it just gets a bit much. Because why do I care?

And that’s the heart of a lot of what I do with my business too – why should anyone care what I write about or post about? If I’m just posting pictures of sandwhiches you didn’t ask to see, what’s in it for you? I’d much rather contribute something to the world, but often I find that I either have very little to say (rarely) or that my opinions are so far removed from what people think I should be saying.

I do my research deeply and don’t typically buy into trends and fads. And I deeply think about the impact my life and my choices have on the world around me. I mean I’ve gotten into trouble so much time with vegans because I make some off-hand comment about how trend-based lifestyle choices don’t solve the problems they think they solve.

Like that time at work when I was discussing the copyright issues with soy and how that’s impacting the American farmer – going into how when you buy soy, you’re essentially supporting multinational conglomerates that treat people unjustly and have as their main focus profiteering and market dominance – and I practically tore the foundation out from under the lifestyle choices she had made with the full conviction that they weren’t problematic.

But when you only look at a problem from that narrow perspective; “No, I don’t want to do this specific thing so I’m going to find an alternative instead” you’re never making an informed decison that takes into consideration the second or third level consequences. You’re just making a snap decision to satisfy yourself.

And she was quite upset that I was saying that her choice was actually inherently problematic – and not at all willing to have a conversation about it on the basis of facts, but just to defend her choice no matter how detrimental it was to others. And then sitting there and explaining how the products you consume en masse, no matter how “green” will always be problematic and a lot less environmentally, economically and morally sustainable than you think.

Like vegan leather isn’t green. It’s plastic. So, stop touting your “vegan leather” shoes in my face like you’re better than everyone else. They’re plastic. And just because they aren’t made from meat industry by-products, doesn’t mean that they’re good for the environment. Because plastic doesn’t decay easily and, well, it’s made by the petrochemicals industry. So, you’re actually just buying into the story they’re spinning about “eco” and “green” in order for you to consume more products made by the petrochemicals industry. And well, they don’t exactly play nice, do they?

Look, we’re all just human. And any environmental or social change has to penetrate the entire supply chain – meaning that it has to cover everyone along the way. The more middle-men there are, the less likely it is that the people on the other end of that path are getting paid well and treated fairly – or that the environment is being genuinely considered at all stages.

And sustainable business has become my answer to this problem. No, I won’t change how things are done in the world just by myself, but I’m doing my reserach, I’m finding out what my options are, and I’m making the best decisions availbale to me. And my plan is for these decisions that I make here, at the root of my business, to become amplified with more customers, and so the change they bring about grows and has a bigger impact than I could have on my own.

My business is my way of showing up in the world and fully stepping into the economic power that I have. And I want to wield it well, employ it responsibly. This is really my ultimate desire for having a business. That’s also the reason why I wanted to have a business that can scale, rather than a business where I’m the bottle neck because I can only produce so much. That’s why I started using the leverage that being online can offer and I want this to grow and become a right big change for the better.

Because I want to pull my weight in leaving this world better than I found it.

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