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Day 20: Money Mindset Workshop – It would be perfect2 min read

I want a big, walk-in pantry that I can really dig into and organise. I want a chest freezer that can hold a lot of foods frozen so that I can plan ahead and be frugal. Or maybe I need two?

I want to buy produce from local producers, from farm shops preferably or something similar. I want a house that has space but isn’t too big, but I don’t want the furniture to be crammed in like sardines any more.

If we were staying here, I’d reorganise the house now, but I don’t want to put in the work for a handful of months more.

I want a sunny kitchen garden and my own composting system. I want keyhole gardens and a greenhouse porch. Chickens scratching in the yard and farmdogs. I want a laundry room with a rotary iron for crisp, flat sheets and table cloths.

I’d like to also have some small cottages to rent out for farmstay on Airbnb or something. Horses to ride, alpacas to pet, doing arts & crafts in the barn, and just having a lovely time at the farm.

I want to have a beach near the house where we can go run along the long, flat sandy stretch. I want space to provide the animals with species-specific living and enrichment. Maybe I’d like to have some livery renters as well. Maybe.

I want my home office to accommodate a large table for painting and drawing, like I had when I was a kid, but even bigger. And I’d love to have a space for barre and tap dancing so we can take classes online or practice at home.

I want a spinning wheel and drum carder. And a lake to take out the rowboat. I want miles of riding trails all around. And a gazebo with hanging lanterns for picnics. And an outdoor kitchen as an extension to the indoor kitchen. An arena with a roof for riding when it’s raining and to train classical dressage in.

And I want to plant the road up to the house with trees on both sides to guide you up to the house. I might even grow flowers to sell.

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