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Day 21: Money Mindset Workshop – My big money goal2 min read

My goal is to even things out. Coming out of this turbulent rollercoaster with money is something I want to rise above. But that’s not enough – I don’t want to just even things out and leave it at that.

My big money goal is to go from this turbulence to clear skies that are abundant with sunlight, white fluffy clouds and beautiful, clear views of the ocean and coastline beneath. Like the thrill of flying on a dragon or a broomstick in a Miyazaki movie, I want to go from what was, from this reductionist mindset that has dominated my thinking for three decades now, to an abundance mindset where the flow of abundance is like a river.

Deep, wide and rushing wildly forward. Rushing to meet the ocean, where the waters of the river join into one with the waters in the ocean and become infinitely more than they were.

I want to have that transformational power of the ocean to shape my life. Like the waves coming in and sweeping the beach clean in one swoop, like the potter shapes the clay on the wheel in moments from a formless lump into an elegant vase, like the bird who grasps the hot waves of air and glides along them to craft her flight in the shape she wishes.

I don’t want to be in opposition to the ebb and flow of the energies in the world, but to be a part of them and work with them, to have access to that infinite resource, a deep connection to the original source. I find that in the natural world and I desperately miss that communion with the natural world here in this concrete jungle.

These small tufts of grass and hillocks with planted trees just arent’ the same as feeling the slow breathing of the forest, or the sighing of the ocean where it meets the beach. I want to lift my face to the wind and feel that I’m part of something bigger, not a disconnected and isolated spare part.

My big money goal is to have that house out in the country, a million or two, whatever it takes. I want it and I want to share it. I want to invite others who also miss that same connection to come out there and experience it. To reconnect with all their senses, not just their minds.

My big goal is to allow my passion to sweep through all of my days like a wind coming off the ocean, setting birds on the wing and hearts leaping into new adventures.

Redefine how you value yourself.

As a creative, it’s easy to make the mistake of equating your worth as a person to the success of your work.

It doesn’t help that you probably weren’t taught how to handle money and see value in a productive manner.

When you want to do the deep inner work to increase your earning potential and break through your income plateau, take The Money Mindset Workshop.

It’s a course with real talk about money, that includes exercises and journaling prompts to help you completely transform how you think and feel, not just about money, but how you measure your own worth.

I designed it for when you’re ready to fully step into your economic power and create a life that’s in alignment with your personal values and aspirations.

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