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Day 3: Money Mindset Workshop – There is no money2 min read

The one thing I remember my mom saying growing up was “there is no money”. And not until recently did I understand how absurd that statement is.

“There is no money.”

She obviously meant that in the context of our specific situation but that didn’t stop me from absorbing it and taking amore universal approach to applying it. This statement is probably the original catalyst of my reductionist mindset. The seed that took hold inside my mind and grew to encompass… well, everything.

But as a blanket statement it’s just ridiculous. I mean, there isn’t money where? In the world? And maybe it seemed that way to my mom because she was very adamant that money is something you don’t talk about. And if you never talk about money, how can you acknowledge its existence?

Because this was my family’s money motto, I’ve made it a point to start telling myself “there’s always more money”. Whenever that reductionist mantra kicks in and I find myself thinking “Oh, I don’t have the money to do so and so” I try to immediately counter it with “Now, hold on, there’s always more money!”

And I try to think about all the billions the big companies, the conglomerates and multinationals, make every year just to illustrate to myself that there actually always is more money. And try to remind myself that if they can make crazy big money, I can make it too. Even if I make just a fraction of what they make, I’ll still be wildly successful and have tons of money.

That there is an economy as vast as the ocean out there and that I but have to go up and claim a part of it for myself. The world economy was $87.8 trillion in 2019 and I’m worried about claiming 6 or 7 figures for the incredible work I do.

So yes. There always is more money.

And I just need to step up and take my piece of the pie. Because there is so much money to be made out there.

Redefine how you value yourself.

As a creative, it’s easy to make the mistake of equating your worth as a person to the success of your work.

It doesn’t help that you probably weren’t taught how to handle money and see value in a productive manner.

When you want to do the deep inner work to increase your earning potential and break through your income plateau, take The Money Mindset Workshop.

It’s a course with real talk about money, that includes exercises and journaling prompts to help you completely transform how you think and feel, not just about money, but how you measure your own worth.

I designed it for when you’re ready to fully step into your economic power and create a life that’s in alignment with your personal values and aspirations.

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