FREE ‘When Life Gives You Shit’ Colouring Page

Free Kawaii Cactuses Coloring Page

Cactuses? Cacti? Which is it?

Don’t think for a minute I didn’t check. Bit of a grammar monster? You bet.

As it turns out; they’re both correct! Cactuses is the English version and is just as correct as the more popular cacti, which takes its plural structure from Latin.

When life gives you shit, grow a garden.

I heard this quote somewhere and it got a real-life guffaw out of me. What makes it funny is that it’s true – whether you take the meaning literally or not.

Naturally, I had to make a fun colouring page for it, because this is one of those quotes that you should really internalise – and this wonderful cute crew of kawaii cacti are so much fun to colour. They’re so happy they might burst into song at any minute!

  • Printable file
  • Size: A4
  • Free downloadable PDF-file
  • Colour with your favourite medium (colour pencils, markers, paint etc.)

Hit the ‘Download Now’ button below to get started on your own colouring artwork! And remember to tag me on Instagram or Pinterest with your finished colouring work, I’d love to see it!