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Happy Friday the 13th!3 min read

I’d ask if any misfortune has befallen you, but we’re living in 2020, so who am I kidding?

Did you know it’s my birthday tomorrow?

Yeah, I’m gonna be 36. That means I’ll be 40 in just 4 years.

But how can that be?

I feel like 40-year-olds are all serious and have their sh*t together.

Which is the complete opposite of me. I’m more elder millennial, y’know; helium voice singing, oddly timed chicken dancing, still working out how to adult, kind of girl.

Like, I haven’t sat down at my computer for about two or three weeks.

Because every time I do, my internet connection craps out like God, fucking, dammit Dave!

You know him?

It’s a sound going around on TikTok where whenever someone does something that makes you feel like “God, fucking, dammit why did you have to go and do that infuriating thing again” they video it and add that 4-second song that goes “God, fucking, dammit Dave!”

I’m pretty sure this is the sound my husband hears in his head every time I start eating fries off his plate. After he askes me several times if I want fries of my own (“are you sure you’re sure?”) and I ardently assure him that “I don’t feel like fries”.

God, fucking, dammit Dave is always a good laugh. Unlike my internet.

Though to be fair, I think it’s Chrome. Chrome has issues. But I can’t be bothered to switch to Safari because it doesn’t remember any of my passwords.

And it’s only on the wifi I get this – when I hotspot my phone it’s all okay.

But this not being on my computer isn’t a great thing.

Because as a small business owner I should be on it.

Writing emails, uploading new products to my store, writing awesome copy for my new designs and finishing that webshop spruce up I was in the middle of before the internet started crapping out on me.

Not to mention doing my taxes. God, I hate doing my taxes.

So, instead of being on my computer, I’ve been on my iPad drawing instead.

Which sort of balances it out (except for the taxes, I can’t doodle my way out of that).

I was inspired by all the lovely equestrian accounts I follow on Instagram to make a collection for equestrians.

So, I’ve been working on those designs.

As a detour, that led me to thinking about starting a Crazy Lady line of totes as well.

Y’know, crazy cat lady tote, crazy dog lady tote, crazy horse lady tote, etc. Suggest a crazy lady theme if you are one and would love a tote!

Crazy plant lady? Crazy garden gnome lady? Crazy axolotl lady?

I’m open to all suggestions on this one.

And though I’ve immensely enjoyed mostly drawing for a few weeks, it’s time to face the music.

Or, well the taxman, for a start. And I do really need to finish that webshop upgrade because the current, most basic one just doesn’t show off all the amazing stuff I’ve been designing at all.

And because nobody ever asks me what I’m doing when I’m sitting on my computer. It’s too obvious that I’m working.

But when I’m drawing on my iPad, also classified as ‘work’ for an illustrator, then it’s okay to constantly interrupt me because I’m ‘just drawing’.

God, fucking, dammit, Dave!

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