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I spent all yesterday thinking it was Friday2 min read

Even when the hubby repeatedly told me, “No, it’s Thursday” every five minutes to my “Is it Friday today?”, I still couldn’t shake that feeling that it’s Friday.

And at the end of yesterday, just the thought of having to live through another Friday exhausted me.

So, I think I’ll take a pre-Saturday instead.

Or be like the hobbits and have a second Saturday tomorrow (I’ll even throw in a second breakfast, just for good measure!).

Today’s the last day before my daughter’s home for two weeks from daycare.

And I haven’t even begun to wrap her Christmas presents yet.

And I probably won’t get a chance to secretively do that before Christmas.

So, I might as well whip up a coffee and sit down to do that today.

Right now, I’m sitting here enjoying a moment of blessed silence because the hubby took the offspring to daycare today.

I rarely get the house to myself anymore.

And I miss that!

And like a true empath, not having an empty house to myself regularly (thanks Covid), I get grumpy when I’m constantly in the presence of other people.

But right now, ahhhhh, just listen to that silence!

Today’s also paying-the-bills-day so most of my day is going to get “wasted” (i.e. not drawing or writing) in admin today anyway.

And I’ve got to do those bloody taxes again.

But right now, I can’t bring myself to be concerned about any of that because oh, this silence.

It almost feels like I’m suspended out of time.

Like Mistress Time took pity on me and said, “Oh, there’s a mother/housekeeper/entrepreneur/world betterer (also known as a woman) who could use a break” and plucked me out of the flow of time.

And we both know it’s true.

Women stretch and give of themselves.

Bend and flex, delay our own care and enjoyment for the sake of others.

That’s why God had to work late on the 6th day to create women.

Because you can’t just whip one up on a whim.

So, I’m going to enjoy it.

I’m going to take today for me.

I’m going to put self-care first instead of powering through all those waiting tasks, as I once would have.

As I have done countless times before and paid for it with burnout.

I love gift wrapping anyway, so it’ll be like a mini-fest for the packaging obsessed.

It’s just too bad that 8:57 am is too early to open a bottle of wine!

Remember to take care of yourself. 🥰

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