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I stepped in some πŸ©πŸ’© & free colouring pages for foodies!6 min read

“Ugh,” I thought. “I don’t want to do this. I have nothing to say.”

But the longer I sat at my drawing desk, avoiding coming to write this email, the guiltier I felt. I’ve committed to becoming regular with writing emails but some days it just feels so overwhelming.

Like I have nothing to say. Like nothing worthy of retelling happened in the past week. Like no one is ever gonna find anything I have to say interesting. Like I just want to sink into the ground and never ever think about writing another email again.

Hello, Procrastination!

If procrastination was a character in a novel she’d be chewing gum but in that disinterested kind of way like she’s doing that stick of gum a favour.

She’d shoot you those ‘oh, srsly’ looks several times a day, and especially if you try to do something nice for her, like grabbing her a coffee when you get yourself one.

After accepting it from you like it was a dead rat, she’d probably use it as a trash can for her gum before forgetting it even exists.

You’d have to reintroduce yourself to her every time you met her because she’d just blankly stare at you when you say ‘hi’ and then look you up and down as you query “We live together. Remember?” (cue one of those eye rolls where only her eyes move but somehow you feel like you could not ever have been more wrong for even thinking of starting that conversation).

Today, my procrastination arose from still having some residual bro marketer programming rattling around in my brain.

I cannot accurately express how much I hate bro marketers.

Bro marketers are the snake oil salesmen of the internet, trying to sell you on this idea that hustle, a ragingly positive attitude and 5 protein shakes a day can make you a 6 figure business.

And every time Instagram shows me (yet another) ad from a bro marketer trying to get me into their Facebook Ad Copy Program, it feels the same as stepping in some dog shit.

And not just any kind of shit but that fairly fresh, too-soft shit that smears into your shoe and fills every nook and cranny in your sole. No matter how hard you try to scrape it off on the sidewalk or pry it off with a long stick, it just gets lodged in worse.

The kind of shit that you know there’s no way you can save that shoe.

RIP my monochrome Moschino Converse.

That’s why I’m so glad that I took part in the AMA of a copywriter I admire. I’ve been going back and forth thinking about changing my lead magnet from a discount to a downloadable PDF. (A lead magnet is that thing you sign up to people’s emailing lists to get for free and then unsubscribe as soon as you get it.)

But I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what kind of PDF it should be. So, I asked my copy hero how do I know what the best lead magnet for me is.

And her answer just blew me away.

She said, spend as much time creating as you do planning. Don’t overthink it. And I was just 🀯

I mean it’s not like it’s even new information, but on this day of all days, in this moment of all moments, that just hit home for me and sunk into my awareness and I felt like I’d been blind before.

Of course, I realised, it’s so simple.

If I get an idea, I should just do it and see how it goes. I need to stop procrastinating because I think it can’t go out into the world unless it’s perfect.

Despite having started this business before I had it all figured out, starting this emailing thing before I was really ready, and a doing a bunch of other things that I’m just figuring out as I go – I still get tripped up by that perfection thing on a regular basis.

But so, I took this excellent advice and ran with it.

And I managed to conquer an irrational fear I had about colouring pages. I love making colouring pages but I stopped some time back because (from left-field) I was overcome by this idea that I can’t do anything better than I already have.

That I can’t possibly make colouring pages in another theme or genre (most of them are horses).

But this week, I’ve managed to put together 10 colouring pages for foodies!

I mean just look at them, aren’t they just the cutest thing ever?! πŸ‘‡

These are just 3 of them, there’s 10 pages in total! You can download them all for free here.

And this is probably the thing that I’m most excited about this week. Because it isn’t just a pack of colouring pages, it’s that excited elation of having conquered my (irrational) fear, of having proved myself wrong.

Ha, take that, me!

I have yet to make the shiny sales pics, upload it to my site and write the copy – but now I know I can do it!

This seems like such a silly, trivial thing, but it’s such a huge mindset shift for me. And I didn’t even realise I had this crazy fear because it was lurking somewhere just under the surface of my conscious mind!

And as such, it’s been trickling into my conscious mind and affecting things that aren’t directly related to that particular fear, causing me to procrastinate with things like writing this email.

It’s incredible how insidious and just downright sneaky that bish is!

So, don’t let your unconscious fear get you down. Whatever it is that you’re procrastinating with, just drop the idea that it – or you – has to be perfect before it can be done.

Just go do it! And if it doesn’t go where you want, go do something else!

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