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I’ve been slogging through the reformatting of all my content this week3 min read

This means work that’s monotonous in a way that slowly suffocates all the free space out of your brain.

Going through ALL THE CONTENT I’ve ever published to check that the formatting is correct for the new theme settings.

And I underestimated how long it was going to take at least three times.

Because every time a tiny sliver of hope started rising in me that I’d soon be done, I realised I still had at least another 50% to go.

And I sure didn’t make it any easier on myself either.

In addition to procrastinating like a master, halfway through the process, I decided to rename all my categories.

Little did I think at the time that it would mess up my system.

Because I was being organised about it (for once) and going through the content in order of categories.

Renaming them meant that I just totally lost track of which articles I’d already formatted. Great.

But today is the day. Today it’s gonna be done.

Because in addition to it being monotonous work, it’s also emotionally heavy for me.

Reading through some articles took me back to the time when I wrote them.

Made me feel all those feels I was dealing with at the time again.

It almost felt like I reached into myself because I could feel my fingers groping around and running over some spots that are still sore.

But the ultimate outcome, besides having the correct formatting and the articles actually being legible, is that it’s now easily accessible.

Because I’ve reorganised it.

Because I’ve renamed the categories.

Because I took the time to do this (super boring) inventory.

And it’s good stuff!

I’m already seeing a change in how website visitors are engaging with the content, insomuch that they’re actually finding it!

It used to be that someone would find one of my articles when they searched Google.

They’d come read that one article, stop by the homepage and leave.

Because the homepage wasn’t serving up more, related, helpful content.

And I’m poised to soon break a thousand visitors per month! 🎉

It’s amazing that the deep, emotional work that I’ve done is helping others who are in the same situation.

I’m not perfect by a far shot, but it feels good that my experiences and me unpacking them is of value.

That it’s helping.

It’s humbling. And a little scary.

Because I’m laying my emotional self wide open on the internet. For the world to see.

You have to wonder, is that entirely sane?

But even if it isn’t, this is what I’ve committed to and this is what I’m sticking to! 😄

When I started, I made a promise to myself that I was going to be as honest as I possibly could.

I wasn’t going to hold back, I was going to screw up my courage and be vulnerable.

I was going to face my fears in full view, so that others could read about it and learn from it.

And now, about a year later, I have a body of work that is pretty in line with what I set out to do.

But I’m not done by a far shot. This is just the beginning.

Though I’ve been working on this transition from salary woman to solopreneur for several years.

But now I’m graduating it to the next level.

And this is a good start.

I’m actually feeling pretty proud of my work.

Having the content more accessible has also meant that some of my older articles have even seen a second wind!

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