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Mercury in Gatorade and a no bones quarter3 min read

I feel like it’s been building up since summer.

Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger
More than ever, hour after hour
Work is never over

But when the pressure builds slowly, you don’t notice it until everything comes crashing down around (and inside) you.

N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger

I switched from Mac to Windows and that entailed a lot of re-signing into accounts, finding the right passwords and resetting the ones I’d forgotten.

Not having a computer and setting up the new one also made my already considerable backlog grow bigger. I was falling behind even further because a phone is versatile but it ain’t no computer.

I’ve made it 37 years without a UTI, but now I ended up on antibiotics because of one.

Contract on the car ran out so had to switch that out. That’s another new system to learn, new outer dimensions to memorise, and generally, just get used to things being different.

Without finishing the first interview I did last spring, I piled on a second one and added a photoshoot to boot. Y’know, just because I could.

Now I’m powering through both in the next two weeks because gotta get these commitments done!

Also had two fighting great tit males fly in through the smallest window.

Obviously, the cats went nuts and I had to chase Tigger down before he relinquished the bird he was carrying all around the house. RIP bird, I didn’t make it in time and I think it died of shock or a heart attack. Tigger was very gentle but just incessant that it was his prey and he WAS NOT going to put it down. Carried it around like a retriever.

In the meantime, the other bird had somehow gotten stuck between the wall and the radiator.

He was probably chased there somehow by the other cat. At first, I thought he’d flown back out the tiny window but then I heard the scratching sound that isn’t normal inside the house.

After I cleaned up the blood and feathers the birds and thrown around the bedroom during their fight and trying to batter their way out of the window with two cats after them, I found him.

Cue the frantic search for the window key. I couldn’t find it and called the hubby in a panic for support.

Once I found it I opened the windows right above the radiator and McGyvered the poor creature out from behind the radiator with a long enough plant support stick – and the very unhelpful attentions of one cat.

He flew off into the sunset. And who knows, maybe he was the one who came back today to bang on the living room window.

Anyway, last night I went back to class after three weeks off and was so pleasantly surprised to find that the en dehors pirouettes were actually doable.

For too long, I’ve had joint issues in relevé and pirouettes, but it seems the kettlebell workouts I’ve started doing again are helping.

It gets darker day by day, soon it’ll probably get cold too.

Can’t wait for spring, light out in the evenings and the susurrus of fans in the summer.

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