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Oh, ha, there it is!2 min read

Hey, hey, hey I’m feeling all groovy today 🥳

I’ve spent this week picking my focus off the floor.

It was right where I dropped it like a mismatched pair of used socks last spring.

I’ve also been getting serious about working through my money blocks so that I can actually achieve my money goals this year.

Because I came to the conclusion that there’s no point in me even trying if I’m not 💯 all in.

So, I’ve spent the week shipping my body, heart, mind and soul aboard this vessel that’s setting sail for new adventures.

You can read more about what I’ll be focusing on:

I also decided that I need a good visual tracking system to keep track of my progress.

I’ve tasked my hubby with bringing me some blackboard markers on his way home so that I can devise a chalkboard system to work with.

I’m going to be doing this one quarter at a time.

I’ve tried weekly schedules, but it’s not enough time to get the big stuff done. Plus I get frazzled when the little tasks start piling up and I have no hope of finishing anything by week’s end.

The monthly schedule is too big to track detailed things well.

Or maybe that was because I tried using it as a bigger version of the weekly system? Either way, it was just a bigger mess.

So, now I’ve finally decided that going one quarter at a time gives me enough flexibility to not be restricted by my plans while still staying on track with both big and small tasks.

I like doing things my way (because I know me and my quirks).

Anything that is too detailed gets to me in the long run. I need general guidance but freedom to do the doing my way.

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