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Sausage fingers got nuttin’ on me!4 min read

Today the temperature plummeted to a whopping -21°C and I’m getting severe allergies even though I haven’t been outside in over a week.

This morning my fingers were like little sausages and just trying to make a fist was incredibly painful. For all my efforts to limber up my hands, all I ended up with was a limp bird claw.

I was sure I’d have to abandon ship today, but my meds are finally kicking in!

And though I still have sausage fingers, I’m able to type with a few of them.

Much like a tech-savvy nana that always starts every Google search with a “please” and ends it with a “thank you” like there’s a little search fairy in her computer that gives you better results if you just treat her right.

And this makes me so happy because it means I can show you the piece I’ve been working on this week!

As per my goal for February, I’m still powering on with the workshop.

I finished writing all 25+1 emails (I added one last one just to say thank you for participating at the end) well ahead of my drafts-shoud-be-done-deadline of Valentine’s Day and have moved on to the finishing touches.

I had this idea that I’d like to have all my email courses to have similar visuals.

And I love tarot cards. And I love old-fashioned poster work.

So-oooo, I decided to make Alphonse Mucha inspired “cards” for every course.

Mucha was a Czech artist in Paris during the Art Nouveau period who was known for his poster work, especially those he painted of Sarah Bernhardt.

I have this little chocolate tin that sits on my desk, which is adorned with Mucha’s work, that was a big inspiration.

And so I tried to just imbibe as much of Mucha as I could and set about drawing!

I’m currently also listening to books where ships’ figureheads are very much featured and I let that seep into the work as well.

Though I love Mucha’s work, his women can often have a very soft, demure expression.

I wanted something much stronger to represent the mindset shift you’ll come out of once you’ve finished the course (left is the tin on my desk and on right is the sketch I came up with):

I’m also very aware that Mucha’s work is mainly just white women.

Which I get, I mean, the images are a product of their time – but since I specifically touch on the generational effects of lack of wealth and power has on women (and other groups that have historically wielded very limited power), I wanted to go for a more varied look with my “figurehead”.

I also wanted to make a statement that wealth is for all women.

And as such, should be represented by more than just your run-of-the-mill, front-page material, light-skinned supermodels.

Once I decided on crowning her with a wreath, I knew I wanted to go all Roman.

So, I gave her the sculptural nose (that’s a fancy way of saying ‘big’) and have been pulling my colour palette for her skin and hair from portraits of Iranian women.

I already started painting her.

And I like my test painting so much, I’m gonna keep it!

Now I’m inking over the painting – which is totally backwards (the inking should really be done first) I’ll have to do some corrections as I go to make the colouring fit the final inked linework.

Apart from that, I’m super excited that I’ll have both this card as well as the landing page done before the end of the month!

I’m well on my way to having my first ever online course!

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