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This week I’ve got a desk pet5 min read

Tigger has started sitting on my desk, either nose-to-cheek with me, or staring at my screen as I write. Staring at the text flying across the screen, and waiting for that moment when I’ll move the cursor so he can pounce on it.

This means I’m regularly having to clean my screen of cat slobber now, from all his attempts at trying to catch this elusive prey.

A few times he’s even tried to investigate the back of the screen on my laptop to check if the cursor might be hiding back there.

And every time I bring out the little spray bottle of window cleaner, he looks at me like I’ve brought him a dead dog. As soon as he hears the pish-pish of smelly stuff into a tissue, he leaves with an air of indignity and very vocal complaints.

The only thing that offends him more is emptying the dishwasher.

As soon as you pull out the lower tray full of dishes, he takes off down the hallway cussing as he goes.

Cats can’t cuss you say? Untrue. I’m so sure he’s putting a curse on me and my kin as he goes.

And I’m not the only one who says that’s exactly what it seems like.

Because the vibe you get from it is nothing short of, “You damnable wench why do you always have to open that noisy macheem and start making so much effing noise, heck you and your clattering dishes! Even from way over here I can still hearz you and your heckin’ plates, woman!”

He walks down the hall to the loo door, which he opens, and then goes inside the tiny box we have for a bathroom. Where he continues to complain.

At the first moment of silence, he pokes his head out to see if I’m done yet.

And when I come back to grab more dishes out of the washer, he ducks his head back while muttering to himself about all the noise I inflict on his life.

It’s nothing short of entertaining!

And the hubby even volunteers to empty the dishwasher now because he gets such a kick out of it. So, it’s a win for everyone!

This is what working looks like for me these days:

As you can see, he’s getting real up close and personal and has no problem with invading my personal space.

Which is nice though. Because he used to be so scared of anything that moves that he just hid away all the time. But how he’s really coming out of his shell and turning out to be a VERY social cat.

And though my hubby tries to poke at me by saying that he’s like my witch’s familiar, I don’t mind.

It’s nice to have company while I’m working.

Especially now, because I’m so laser-focused on getting this Money Mindset Workshop finished. I tell myself that this is Tigger’s way of cheering me on.

I’m aiming to have all 25 email drafts ready by Valentine’s and then finishing editing on the lot by the end of February.

Because the more I write for this course, the more convinced I am that it needs to exist.

Money is something that is so entangled with your emotions that you can’t really affect how much money you have unless you do some crucial inner work.

But maybe that’s true for most things in life.

Sometimes it can really feel like you’re just a leaf floating on the river of past experiences and accrued biases. And that can get really hopeless, especially when you feel like you don’t have the power to change anything.

But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that inner work is really the bread and butter of creating change.

You can have everything about your external circumstances change drastically and still throw it all away, or walk by it all, simply because you weren’t ready for it.

And that’s really sad.

Because you deserve to have so much abundance in your life. Friends, love, joy, laughter, good self-esteem and uncompromising self-worth as well as money.

The key to happiness and abundance is within you. You just have to connect to it again.

This is what’s spurring me on, to get this course finished because I know it would have been life-changing for me to have this information sooner.

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