Chasing your dreams begins by setting goals
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What am I going to do differently in my business this year to make it successful?10 min read

This year I need to pick up my focus again and make sure that I’m not just dreaming about having a business. I need to start actively participating in that dream and turn it into a set of goals to work towards instead.

If I’m always complaining about how I don’t have customers, what do I think I’m going to manifest? Well, I’ll most likely continue to experience a lack of customers.

I’m the daughter of a single mom and no stranger to hearing ‘we don’t have enough money’. I heard it so often growing up that it became the basis for my scarcity mindset that I’ve ben plagued by for decades.

The worst part? It extended beyond money. And I ended up with a general scarcity mindset that applied to just about everything in my life.

And I justified it by telling myself, ‘you don’t have enough because you aren’t enough’.

Enter years of trying to please others and adapt to what I thought the world wanted me to be. Feelings of failure, loneliness and despondency were my norm. I thought that in order to be financially successful in life, you had to be born into it. Those lucky bitches, I thought, I’ll never get to be one of them.

But the truth is that my mindset was just that. My mindset.

It had no sway on what was possible, but it determined what I would allow to be possible for myself.

And so, I’m now actively working on turning my scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. In everything, not just money.

So, one of the big shifts I’ve started working with is that my business can be outrageously successful. Because in the past I’ve always wanted to remain humble about it. But that’s only ever been a hindrance to my own success.

My goal is to run my business by combining two key things: practical business strategies with a success mindset. I feel that both are equally important because I feel that I can’t achieve my goals without both.

By shifting my mindset, I can begin attracting happy, paying clients into my business. So, what are the things I should do?

I’m going to start by setting out a clear order to the Universe about what I really want. And what I want is to make 10k in revenue from my webshop.

At first, I felt like 10k is too much to even wish for and I was starting to settle for less. Ten thousand is too much, I thought, if I set sucha big goal for myself I’ll look braggy. And I don’t want to dream beyond my station.

But that’s all bullshit. Just because I was raised by a single mom doesn’t mean I can’t be financially successful now. My past doesn’t define where I can go from here.

So, even though it makes me squirm on the inside, even though that little voice is telling me ‘you’re setting goals for yourself that are too big, you should set them lower’ (and almost succeeding), I’m going to stick to my guns and say I want to make ten thousand euros a month from my shop.

That means 286 customers buying just one t-shirt each.

I’m going to start visualising myself working with the dreamiest of dreamy customers. I’m going to see these wonderful people getting in touch with me, buying my products and loving to have them in their lives.

All 286 of them.

I’m going to imagine what a great time they’re going to have buying from my shop and how excited I’ll be when their product reviews start rolling in.

I’m also going to use the chalkboard method to visualise me goals and have a physical representation of my goals and progress in my workspace. 

Where would I like to see my business be this time next year?

This time next year, my shop will be making 10k in revenue every month. I will have 286 paying customers visiting my shop every single month.

My blog will be my main source of traffic and I’m going to have 2000 monthly visitors to my blog. Two thousand people reading the articles that I write and finding them useful and interesting.

And I want half of those people to sign up for my emails, bringing my list to 1000 subscribers.

What needs to happen in order for me to reach these goals? How can I break it down into smaller, more doable tasks?

I need to write on my blog more. I need to write focused contetn on a certain tipic and I need fill it out by writing updates, I really need to start showing my progress openly and learning in front of others.

This feels scary right now because learning in public also means that others will see when I fail. But I’m going to do this despite that.

I should pick a topic and write a collection of articles on that topic within a quarter.

Do I have any limiting beliefs I need to let go of in order to achieve my business goals?

Wow, yes. No one in my family has ever made as much money as I’d like to make. I want to start making 10k a month from my shop. But no one in my family has ever made that much money.

I worry that I’ll alienate some people. Make others jealous. And yet others angry.

We also don’t have an open culture in our family to talk about money, and on some level I’m afraid that someone will read about the goals and wishes I write about on my blog, and will tell me it can’t be done, that I’m ridiculous for even wishing for something like that. 

Basically, tell me all over again that I’m not okay as I am and that my goals are unrealistic.

But just because they’ve never made that kind of money, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. It’s fully possible. Many people in the world today make that much money – and much more! Why couldn’t I be one of them?

My family doesn’t define what is possible for me. My family doesn’t dictate what dreams I can and cannot have. That I want to shoot higher than anyone in our family has done before doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t.

I’ve gotten to where I am because my life has been enabled by the people before me. But that doesn’t mean I should let their attitudes limit my potential.

I should use these as a mantra:

I am confident in my ability to reach my goals. It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step.

Part of taking action involves embodying the version of myself who has it all, who has achieved the goals I’m setting for myself now. I need to embody her by showing up as her now so that I can shift into that next level.

By showing up as that version of me, I can think like her, feel like her, and take inspired action from a place of being aligned with her, the me who already has achieved all those things i want to achieve.

How can I be more like the version of me who has it all today? How can I embody her energy, make decisions and take action from this place?

I don’t know how I’m going to be more like the version of me who has it all today already. I don’t know how I’m going to think like her, feel like her and take inspired action from her state of mind.

In what ways can I step into the version of myself who is a confident, successful business owner? What kind of person do I need to become in order to achieve my goals?

I have to believe that it can be done. I have to believe that I am (not ‘will be’ because that pushes it beyond the cognitive horizon) successful.

I have to believe that the work I put in now matters.

Not just for me personally, but also for my success. With social media algorithms dictating what people do and don’t see (and most people not actively curating their social feeds to show them something different) it’s hard to not get disheartened.

But likes don’t have any correlation to how good my work is. My work is good. My work is great.

And I need to have faith in my own talent. I need to have faith in my own effort. I need to keep working, keep producing work, keep learning new things. And most of all, I just need to believe and keep a positive outlook. I have grit and I have perseverance and I can get through this. I will find how this business and me as the owner of this business fit into the world. I will find out what we can contribute.

I need to do some ‘keep going’ lettering prints for the shop that I can have on the wall.

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

W. Clement Stone

When I think about my dream business, how do I want it to make me feel? What can I do to evoke those feelings now?

I want my business to make me feel that I have agency over myself, my opportunities. I want it to make me feel like I’m doing some good in the world.

Sure, I’m not solving world hunger or cleaning up the oceans, but with a successful business, I can contribute to those who are. I can support those businesses who are working to change their industries for the better.

I want my business to enable me to hire others and pay them incredibly well because I want anyone who joins me in this to be prosperous as well. I want this business to become the backbone of my power in the world, give me opportunities to change things for the better.

What can I do now? I should be more appreciative of all the free downloads I’m getting. Because those items are being downloaded because those people want to improve their lives and they’re using my free downloads to do it!

I’m so incredibly grateful, and humbled, that they choose to use my downloads out of all the downloads out there. And just thinking about the good those downloads could be doing in the world right now makes my heart swell with love and compassion and makes me think of the other things I can do, that I can create, to help others.

Like that email course to helps you change your brain to a more positive way of thinking, I should do that!

Or the journaling book I want to create that will help you fall in love with yourself.

Or the email course I want to create to help you work through your money blocks and create abundance in your life.

Or that online programme I want to create to help you achieve your goals by offering support and accountability.

Rather than feeling lost and hopeless, I should focus on what I can be grateful for.

Because what I get by achieving my goals isn’t as important as what I become by achieving.

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