The Money Mindset Workshop

Learn to understand your own relationship with money and how to make the best financial decisions for your future.

Do you often feel like money is a source of stress in your life?

Do you wish you could change the way you think and feel about it, but don't know how?

With The Money Mindset Workshop, you'll get all the tools and information you need to understand your own relationship with money.

Explore your past and gain perspective on how your mindset has been shaped. And most importantly, learn how to change your mindset so that money can be a positive force in your life.

"This was fantastic!

This isn't a workshop that you're going to finish and leave behind as soon as you reach day 25. It sinks its claws into the deepest, darkest parts of your psyche where it continues to work, even when you're not actively thinking about it. It's not always easy - and I'm not kidding about the darker parts of your psyche - but it's so worth it."

- Megan

Get 25 lessons of real talk, exercises and journaling prompts to create new habits that will have you seeing money in a completely new light.

Money is the greatest wasted opportunity for a lot of women.

Maybe for you too?

As a friend, you’re on point – nobody gives gifts that are as thoughtful as yours because you know your peeps better than they know themselves. And your relationship game is SUH-WEET; you’re caring and compassionate – and, mamma mia, what a listener!

But your money sitch? Not so much.

For something that promises such great results – not worrying about how to pay bills, being able to afford the nice things in life (not just the necessary) and easing into a luxurious retirement – getting money to sit right in your life is a challenging thing.

And you KNOW all the reasons why you should learn to get good at money. You understand the potential, the benefits.

But perhaps, it’s never quite FLOWED like you hoped it would?

I get it. I’ve been there too! Signing into my bank account used to fill me with dread and I was gripped by anxiety every time I even thought about money.

Does any of this ring a bell?

  • You're living from paycheck to paycheck and it never feels like the money you make is enough
  • You feel like your bank balance doesn’t even begin to reflect the massive amount of work you put in.
  • You chronically over-deliver at work with little consideration to your own mental health and wellbeing.
  • You feel massive resistance (maybe even abject terror!) around having money conversations – like asking for a raise or negotiating a big purchase.
  • You’re doing okay financially, but you can’t see how you could possibly increase your income without working much harder.
  • You feel guilty about spending money on yourself – yet you have a HUGE desire for more.

And feeling super frustrated because you feel like nothing you do is moving the needle quickly enough is a shame. It really is.

Because you don’t need to be educated on the ease and value money brings to your life, or the power and independence it brings to your decisions.

I mean, how many times have you heard “money is power”?

And you’ve always dismissed it as something that only applies to rich people.

But money is power in the world.

And it’s your opportunity to change the world – through your purchases, your investments, the people you hire, the causes you fund, and how you stand up in the world.

And, yes, having a lot of money means you can buy things. But that’s not the end of it.

Because money runs everything.

From politics to legislation to what we believe in and prioritise as a society.

And the great thing about the world today is that a lot of people who haven’t had the money, the power or the opportunity to step up and lead businesses or be in politics, are doing so now.

Just think back on your own family.

Consider how the lack of economic power has affected your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother; were they able to get the education they wanted?

Did they have the same economic opportunities as men?

Did they get paid the same salary as men for the same jobs?

No, no and no.

We haven’t been able to have bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards without men. We haven’t been able to vote, to drive cars, have jobs or professions – and haven’t been taken seriously at the same jobs as men.

Women have been left outside of having power for so long that it can be a difficult thing to step into.

Money is a function for so many things in life.

And more money really does solve a lot of problems.

Day-to-day problems – being able to live problems, having the freedom to choose problems. Yes, money is complex. Money is scary. But you can absolutely master your money mindset and make money your new BFF.

“I wanna make more money but I feel…”

Money has such a long history of being entwined with a woman’s worth that it can be really difficult to separate your emotions from your money. But it’s critical to talk about how you really feel and acknowledge the reality of your situation – because money is just money.

If you’re feeling scared, it is what it is. Money won’t fix you feeling scared.

But acknowledging that you feel scared gives you something to work with.

And it’s totally okay to feel scared, conflicted, good, tired, burnt out, lazy, terrified, uncertain, blocked, overwhelmed, blah, guilty, impatient, defeated, unsure, stuck or even doubt if it’s possible for you to make the kind of money you really want to.

I’m never going to tell you to just feel positive.

Just ‘good vibes’ won’t make change happen. You need to dig deep and uncover those underlying beliefs that steer and determine your daily habits.

Take a moment for yourself right now – no matter where you are. Put your hands on your heart. Take a deep breath and see where in your body you carry your fear, stress and anxiety about money.

Scan your body starting from the top of your head and go through each part of your body. When you find pockets and places where you’re storing your fear, don’t try to change them, simply acknowledge they’re there and try to observe how they feel.

Now, how much money would you like to make every month?

5k? 10k? 50k? Pick a number that seems magically wild and crazy. A number that would give you total economic freedom to do anything you want.

Now say out loud; “It’s my time and I’m ready to make [X AMOUNT] a month“.

What came up for you? What’s that gut reaction that popped up?

Maybe it was super fast and in the split second after it came up you already had time to suppress it. Just so you can tell yourself that the reason you’re not making as much as you’d like to is something else, something less scary, something socially more acceptable.

This affirmation works both as a pattern interrupter and as a way to bring up the stuff from your unconscious.

Play around with it and see what you find. And you can emphasise different parts of the statement to bring up different stuff:

It’s my time and I’m ready to make ten thousand a month.
➡️ can trigger issues around self-worth.

It’s my time and I’m ready to make ten thousand a month.
➡️ can trigger issues around timing.

It’s my time and I’m ready to make ten thousand a month.
➡️ can trigger issues around how things would change.

What’s your biggest challenge or excuse?

  • “I feel like a fraud”
  • “I don’t know what I want”
  • “I’m just winging it”
  • “I have a scarcity/reductionist mindset”
  • “I have negative friends or family”
  • “I don’t believe that I can be rich”
  • “I’m not good enough/the best so I can’t make a lot of money”
  • "No one in my family has ever made a lot of money"
  • "I don't deserve money"

Let me tell you a secret: you don’t have to be the best or the most deserving.

Because there can be more than one winner in life. That myth that there can only be one applies to competitive bakeoffs on TV, but we’ve taken that message to heart and have started applying it to everything in life.

If there was only one winner in life, humanity wouldn’t be where it is today. There are plenty of opportunities and resources to go around – you just have to step up and claim your piece of the pie!

Why is mindset work so important?

When you feel like you’re putting in the work but aren’t seeing the kind of results you’re hoping for – when it seems like everyone else is making money so effortlessly while you’re just treading water – there’s a very good chance your money mindset is holding you back.

To invite abundance into your life and get the kind of money you want, you need to do the work to connect the dots and uncover those unconscious patterns governing your life.

Your thoughts ➡️ your habits ➡️ your actions ➡️ your reality.

You can’t control your external circumstances but you can control your micro habits. And it’s those micro habits that will shape the bigger actions that go on to shape your reality.

And this is where I can help you.

I can’t change your external circumstances or fix all your problems. But I can help you align your thoughts, habits and actions so that you can mindfully and intentionally create the reality that you most want to have.

In this easy-to-digest workshop, you’ll…

  • Uncover and banish the mental blocks that are preventing you from bringing financial abundance into your life
  • Gain the tools to make space for wealth and upgrade your life forever
  • Understand how your past shapes your daily decisions and learn how to rewrite the underlying beliefs that determine your habits
  • Stop settling for pennies and start enjoying true wealth instead
  • Clear out the shame, guilt and embarrassment you’ve been taught to have around money
  • Get real comfortable with money talk and handling more money
  • Discover that money in itself isn’t evil and learn how, with more money, you can create even more positive change in the world – for you and for others
  • Unlock your unrealised potential for abundance
  • Find out how your relationship with money is sabotaging your success and start setting healthier boundaries around money
  • Get clear on what you really want money for in your life and gain the confidence to go get it

This workshop is designed to completely transform how you feel about money in under a month by uncovering the underlying blocks that are holding you back from true abundance.

Every new lesson is thought-provoking and will guide you towards deeper self-knowledge.

If we don't know each other yet, then hi!

I'm Eva Hussain.

I do some things quite well, many things very badly, and one thing exceptionally well: mindset work.

I started journaling as a pre-teen and have used it to develop emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, interpersonally and creatively.

I love mindset work so much that I’ve been teaching it – albeit accidentally – for a long time.

I've always been the one who others come to for advice. Maybe it's because I've got red, unruly hair, an easy smile and a round, squishy look about me, so people figure, "It's friendly, let's talk to it".

And as I listen to the tales, my natural curiosity takes over and, guided by years of practice, I end up asking some question that stops the other person in mid-sentence as they realise they haven't thought of it like that before.

And once that pivotal point is reached, the rest of the unconscious beliefs come tumbling out and possibilities that didn't exist before that moment are suddenly available.

I figured that cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose in your life and in your work is such an important skill that I committed to making it accessible to more people.

So, I created the Money Mindset Workshop to help you tend to the wounds of the past because I think every woman should have a chance at embracing true wealth. And the only way to do that is to find healing for the wear and tear that living your life up to this point has created.

Let me keep it real: I created this course for myself.

One day it dawned on me that I had an incredibly powerful and pervasive scarcity mindset. I always saw the lack in everything, the faults in everyone, and very rarely focused on the good.

And I realised that it was keeping me from living a genuinely abundant life because you see, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, your money mindset is something you’re always gonna need to work on – if you want to keep taking yourself and your income to the next level.

The day you stop working on your mindset is the day your growth stalls (and maybe even starts to decline!).

But the day you start working on it is your lucky day!

And since research has shown that to create a sustainable shift in your mindset your brain needs at least 20+ days of active work, I made this action-packed workshop 25 days long so that you’ll get an extra boost by getting your brain on board and making this change in your life semi-automatic.

Money – for the scores of people working themselves to the bone for money rather than making their money work for them – is the greatest wasted opportunity of all.

But there IS an alternative.

The alternative to a difficult and ineffective way of handling your money is mindset work.

If your effort isn’t getting you the results you want, then it’s time to make a change.

The good news is that you’re only a couple of new habits away!

If you want to invite more abundance into your life, worry less about whether there’s enough left in your bank account this month, and get more fun and satisfying results then learning how to make the most of your money mindset will save your sanity and equip you with skills that will get you living your dream life.

You do NOT have to be a slave to money until you die.

You do NOT need to “be worthy” of more money.

You do NOT need to work harder in order to make the amount of money that will finally make you happy.

You just need to KNOW that working with your money mindset is EASY, and that you already have everything it takes to make that change today.

But being willing to do the work is only HALF the battle.

You have to be ready to show up every day and COMMIT to actually doing the simple exercises if you want to create lasting CHANGE!

And that’s where this workshop comes in.

So, let’s talk about what you’ll get…

✅ Each day includes homework that will open up your mind to the kind of abundance you’ve only dreamed about up to this point. Each day builds on what you learned previously so it’ll carry you through the whole twenty-five days effortlessly.

✅ A lot of the work is done via journaling exercises because that is by far the most effective way to slip beneath the surface of your conscious mind to uncover those thoughts and beliefs that you’re unaware of – but which still define and shape your behaviour.

✅ I’ll help you unearth and rework your specific money blocks that have been preventing you from inviting financial abundance into your life so far. The journaling work will have you really digging deep to release fears and doubts that are weighing you down, and the other tasks will help you remove mental and physical obstacles so that you can make space in your life for more money.

✅ I’ll help you get precise about what you really want your day-to-day life to look and feel like so that you can take the incredible power of your brain and turn it to actively creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’ll walk you through crafting a vision for the future – and affirmations to help you get there – that you genuinely believe in and can get behind 100%.

This workshop is a whirlwind of power, humour and pragmatism.

And you should only take it if you're really ready to commit to the inner work it takes to let go of how things have been so far and embrace a completely new perspective on life.

Because you’ll walk away from it with full-on enthusiasm, a ferocious commitment to self-accountability and a better way forward.

Together we’ll take a no-bullshit approach to whatever’s holding you back and deliver a knock-out punch to all those old patterns standing in the way of your progress.

You've got 2 options now:

  • Option 1

You can continue living life as you have so far. Get stressed out every time you look at your bank account and wonder when your big financial break will finally arrive – while you watch everyone else pass you by (in their fancy cars, the designer handbag you would have LOVED in hand and a sizeable yearly donation to your favourite charity).

  • Option 2

Or you can take the next step toward inviting crazy big money into your life by signing up for this twenty-five-day workshop. You’ll transform your life and make money your new BFF. Make more money, change your life, change the world!