Ahh, that feeling of snuggling into a blanket cave. Key ingredients? Snacks, a drink and a good book or a movie queued up and nowhere to go. Bliss!

Cringeworthy: big crowds, malls, heavy metal concerts, Black Friday shopping, parties where you don’t know anyone, violence and horror as entertainment, yelling and screaming, people who are angry or aggressive . . . the list goes on.

If you know what I’m talking about, you’re my kind of people! Even though I can’t people most days.

I’m an introvert and empath and I pick up the energy and emotions of other people. Even a super fun day out can leave me curled up in a foetal position questioning the meaning of life.

I take days to recover from socialising and my two favourite places to be is out in nature with the critters or lost in my art. Every day I’m learning how to hold my own space and protect myself from those icky feels that stick to me like confetti in a glue factory.

How are you? Come in, it’s great to see you!

Your hair looks nice!
You want tea or coffee? Any news? Really?

Hi, my name is Eva and I’m the quiet, creative type

I LOVE creativity, communication & the quiet life.

I BELIEVE that modern life has disconnected us from our natural way of relating to each other and prevents us from really connecting. When we lose that connection, we lose an integral part of ourselves. To rediscover a sense of belonging we need to find our way back to the campfire, back to our tribe, and genuinely connect with each other.

I AM COMMITTED to creating more connection through art. Art that makes you feel seen and understood. Art that replenishes you when you look at it. Art that lifts your spirits and empowers you to do you.


We’re often quite good at being kind to others, but can really be quite unkind towards ourselves. Even if it’s not in the way you live, it’s in the way you talk to yourself internally.

It’s how critical you are of yourself. How judgemental you are of yourself. Sometimes, you can berate yourself the whole time in your internal dialogue in your mind.

And when you consider this, how can you ever hope to have a genuine sense of happiness? When you’re always giving yourself such a tough time?

It’s time to find a way to be kinder, a little softer, a bit more gentle towards yourself.

Become aware of yourself and what’s happening inside you, so that you can make better choices. Create space for yourself to breathe and give yourself time to react, no matter what happens. Make the most of this one and only life you’ve got.

Your sense of self mostly comes from thinking about your past or your future. When you feel anxious, stressed or depressed, your brain is just running on default mode and you tend to react rather than to choose.

Journey with me deep into the jungles of your inner self and become more self-aware and emotionally literate while figuring out what’s most important in life for you.

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