Free journal printables

I specifically started making nice looking printables because the more you handle or look at something, the more attached to it you become, and everything out there I found while looking was ugly as anything.

These printables are also a bit of sneaky science because they’re based on brain science; use them long enough and you’ll trick your brain into being happier and working more efficiently.

Click the images to open the PDF files you can download for printing or use on a tablet.

All images are free for personal use, not for resale!

Gratitude logs

New to gratitude journaling? Take my free gratitude journaling course here.

Mood trackers

New to mood trackers? Learn why they’re good for you here.

Savings trackers


Colouring pages

Foodie-themed colouring pages

  • Waffles & No Bake Lemon Pie illustrated recipes
  • Kitchen illustration
  • Picnic illustration
  • Food flat lay illustrations

Click here to see them all