About me (old)

This is your invitation to come on an adventure!

One that starts with that fateful, fairy-tale knock at the door to your deep female psyche.

I want those old, buried memories to stir within you. And come back to life.

Because deep within you there’s that memory of your absolute, undeniable and irrevocable kinship with the wild feminine.

It’s a relationship that may have become ghostly with neglect, buried deep by over-domestication, and outlawed by the prevailing culture.

You may have forgotten her names, and you may not answer when she calls yours.

But, in your bones, you know her.

So, come on in. It’s great to see you!

How are you? Any news? Your hair looks nice!

Can I get you anything, tea? Coffee? A spicy chai?

Sit, sit, I’ve put the kettle on, now let me just find where I’ve stashed the good biscuits…

I’m so glad we can finally do this!

You know how it is; we get so busy with life that we forget to give time to the important things. Then again, modern life isn’t designed with human connection in mind, is it?

We’re so caught up in our individual device dictatorships that we’ve completely lost connection to each other – to our people and to ourselves!

And you yearn toward her because you know she belongs to you and you to her.

In fact, you were born into this fundamental, elemental and essential relationship. Your essence was derived from it.

And there are moments when you experience her, however fleetingly, which make you mad with wanting to reclaim her.

This vitalising “taste of the wild” usually comes to you during the miracle of change within yourself; when you tend to your needs and your desires as you would a beloved garden.

And glimpses of her come to you through sights of great beauty.

While watching the splendour of a sunset over the water, seeing your cat sprawled blissfully in a sliver of sunlight, or when admiring the perfectly shaped tiny nose of your newborn babe.

A sense of her comes to you through sound – in music that excites your heart, moves you from within and calls your soul out to dance under the full moon. She reaches out to you through the written and spoken word – in poems and stories, or sometimes in just a single word that enters you like a storm come to clear the fog.

And she stirs you to remember – even just for an instant – what substance you’re really made from. And where your true home is.

Your longing for her intensifies when you happen across another who has secured this wildish relationship within her. And your longing for her increases every time you realise you have given too little time to your mystic cookfire, your dream time, your own creative life, your life’s work and your true loves.

Those fleeting moments come to you, both through beauty as well as loss that makes you so bereft, so agitated, that you can no longer resist and begin to pursue your wild, creative nature.

Then you leap into the forest, or into the desert, or into the snow, and run hard.

Your eyes scanning the ground, your hearing sharply tuned, searching under, searching over, searching for a clue, a remnant, a sign that she still lives, that you have not lost your chance.

And when you pick up that trail – like many women before you – you ride hard to catch up. You clear off your desk, clear off old relationships, clear out your mind, turn a new page, insist on a break, break the rules, stop the world… for you are not going on without her any longer.

And that’s usually when you meet me.

I’m Eva, an artist and a writer – and your guide back to your creative source.

As an empathic artist, I’m very chaotic on the inside. I’ve made it my life’s work to tame my inner chaos, that pure source of creative energy, so that I can find wild creativity and connect with inspired purpose in my work.

I’ve spent a lifetime filled with a longing for the wild, creative purpose in myself.

Searching for my place in the world and struggling to find culturally sanctioned antidotes for my yearning, I’ve tried many things and been many people.

I’ve been called unfocused, indecisive and even lazy in my chaotic pursuit of creativity.

But no matter what I did, no matter where I went, the wild woman lurked behind my eyes during my days and my nights of searching.

Eventually, could no longer deny the deep knowing of my own soul and I embraced by artist’s way wholeheartedly.

Since then I’ve been on a journey of inner transformation to retrieve, love and understand the wild, creative woman in me, to hold her against my deep psyche as one who is both magic and medicine.

And the inner transformation that takes place in me now is no longer a searching, but a becoming.

And now I’m offering you the same.

I’ll guide you through your own journey of discovery, help you reconnect with the fierce and visionary attributes of the instinctual knowing deep within you.

Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

Stick with me and I’ll teach you how to become unshakeably optimistic and transform the pain of being a highly empathic artist into your source of healing and creativity.

But, you came here to get the scoop on me, so…

Growing up I was quiet.

An introspective artist moving and feeling my way through life.

I could spend hours doing my own thing and not miss being around others. A hopeless daydreamer and a deep thinker, my inner life was incredibly lively even though I was outwardly quiet and reserved.

Reading books and going on adventures was so much better than ordinary life that I spent a lot of time in books, at the library, watching movies and devouring nature documentaries.

Learning and deepening my understanding was a desire that drove me.

Being around other people was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time because the lines between my feelings and their feelings blurred too easily.

I preferred animals over humans since they were quiet and challenged me to apply my empathy and deep analysis in order to communicate with them.

Time and again I was told…

  • you’re too sensitive!
  • you shouldn’t take things so seriously!
  • you need to grow thicker skin!
  • you’re too emotional!
  • don’t be so dramatic!

It quickly became overwhelming and I lived life under the constant stress of feeling like the world was against me. No one seemed to really get me and I was labelled as ‘odd’.

I tried to fit in with the extroverts, be more like them because it wasn’t socially acceptable to spend so much time alone.

But my life ended up being a feedback loop from hell where I felt bad for even feeling bad, guilty for feeling guilty and anxious because I felt anxious.

I kept wondering, ‘What’s wrong with me?!’

Then, finally, I realised that it wasn’t about growing thicker skin.

The key isn’t to become less sensitive but to build my grit and perseverance so that I can handle life as an empath – which can be quite the emotional and sensory roller-coaster.

Through art, I’ve reclaimed control over my own emotions.

Feeling and processing things deeply means that it takes more than talking to really work through something to the point where I can let go of it.

Working with artistic mediums is a process of discovery and an effective way of expressing those things which are subconscious or difficult to express in conversation.

Being an artist is to emerge from the dark and formless roots of your unconscious and bring with you the deeper truths about life that you’ve uncovered on the way.

And sharing your journey with others so that they can also discover their own truth from it.

Principles for finding my artist’s path

What I’ve learned about art

Art is a human act.

The ultimate purpose of art is not to produce a product.

The purpose of art is to produce thinking, to explore the nature of perception, to create pleasure and to evoke strong emotion.

To be truly accessible, art cannot be locked away in secure vaults but needs to be out in the world, with the people it brings joy and meaning to.

Unicorn tshirt for women

Art is courageous.

Art is generous.

Art is provocative.

Art is emotive.

And as an artist, I must constantly endeavour to uncover my insecurities and find the courage to be vulnerable in front of others.

Art is rebellion.

I can keep track of what I will get in return, or I can make art.

I can enjoy the status quo, or I can make art.

I can be perfect, or I can make art.

This way of being is, in itself, rebellious – not because I fight against anything, but because I’ve committed to discovering my true nature and living in accordance with it.

I believe that buying art should be fun and inspiring.

It should leave you happy and uplifted, with a feeling that you’ve just learned something about yourself or reaffirmed something you already knew.

Adorning your home with art – be it commissions or originals from an artist, art prints or something your 3-year-old made at daycare – it’s a form of self-expression.

And a way for you to actively create the person you want to be.

By displaying your art and favourite decor pieces, you’re not just making it feel like home, you’re also learning to appreciate all the special details of where you are – such as the way the light comes in through the windows at a certain time of day and lights up the space you have created for yourself.

Here’s a link to my RedBubble shop.

I also highly recommend my free journaling courses. They’re designed to help you dig deep so that you can find a profound optimism and connection to your authentic self through the simple practise of journaling. You can find the courses here.,

Doing any of the above will cause me to do a little happy dance á la Lucy Lawless. Thank you for your support!

Thanks for reading!

May your pants be comfy, your coffee strong, and your Mondays short! 🖖