Quiz: Are you an empath?

Have you ever been told you're too sensitive?

Or that you need to grow thicker skin? You and me, both sister!

I'm here to tell you that your empathy is your superpower and you should let that light shine bright like a supernova.

Putting up a hard front will only make you miserable and you'll be missing out on the one thing that gives you the grit and oomph you need to succeed in life.

Take a few minutes to answer the questions below and then hit 'submit' to get your result.

Please note that there is no definitive test for determining how empathic you are, but this self-assessment will help you understand what skills can help you cope with everyday life and overwhelming situations.

1. Have you often been labelled overly sensitive, very shy or introverted?
2. Do you frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?
3. Do you often feel like you don't fit in?
4. Do you feel drained by large crowds and dislike going to places where there will be a lot of people, such as malls, concerts, holiday shopping etc.?
5. Do strong noises, smells and non-stop talkers overwhelm you?
6. Do you have chemical sensitivities or a low tolerance for scratchy clothes?
7. Do you prefer taking your own car when you go somewhere?
8. Are you afraid of becoming suffocated by intimate relationships?
9. Do you overeat to cope with stress?
10. Do you get startled easily?
11. Do you react strongly to caffeine or medications?
12. Do you tend to isolate yourself socially?
13. Do you tend to absorb other people's stress, emotions, symptoms or moods?
14. Are you overwhelmed by multitasking and prefer to do one thing at a time?
15. Do you go out into nature to replenish yourself when you feel stressed, overwhelmed or depleted?
16. Do you need a long time to recover after spending time with people who are difficult or drain your energy?
17. Do you feel more at home in small towns or the country side, rather than in the city?
18. Do you prefer interacting with people in small groups and one-on-one or in large gatherings?
19. Do you need a lot of time to recover after having spent time in a place with a lot of people (concerts, fairs, malls, games etc.)?
20. Do you have a low threshold for pain?
21. Do you pick up on when someone says one thing but means another or when they want to say something but don't?
22. Do people often come to you to tell you their problems or to ask for advice?
23. Can you often guess correctly what animals want or feel?
24. Do you often feel physically or emotionally ill when you see violent
scenes/images in movies or on TV?