Journaling for the Soul: Free-writing

Free-writing is an old writer’s trick.

It’s one of the antidotes to writer’s block.

When you’re free-writing, don’t think about what’s coming out. Just put pen to paper and start writing the words that are coming out of you.

It’s not about saying anything or creating a specific message or even making sense of what comes out.

The goal is to create a stream of consciousness.

Ever since school, we’re taught to be immaculate and careful in our writing. You get your papers back with angry red notations on them.

Forget about grammar. Forget about spelling.

Forget about making a point and presenting facts. Forget about it even being legible afterwards.

When you use writing prompts, you’re intentionally exploring a specific topic more deeply.

Today you’re gonna let yourself run wild.

Write complete rubbish. Write nonsense. Write one word over and over and over again.

Give yourself permission to go beyond your usual boundaries, behind the controlled facade you show the rest of the world and discover what’s really out there in the wilderness of your soul with no expectations of what you’re going to find.

Rely on your subconscious to come up with the goods. She’ll deliver.

If you hit a block, write, “I’ve hit a block” or “I don’t know what to write” – don’t let not knowing what to write stop you from writing.

It takes a bit of practice to let yourself truly free from the bonds you’re used to keeping your thoughts and feelings within.

But once you get into the swing of things, it’s amazing the kinds of things you’ll discover about yourself, the creativity you’ll uncover from allowing your subconscious to take the wheel for a bit.


Set a timer and free-write for 10 minutes.

Don’t look at the time when you’re writing, just write until you hear the timer tell you time’s up.

As soon as you become aware of having a certain amount of time left, it influences how you write and you slow down, becoming more selective about what you write.

The more you practise free-writing, the more rewarding it gets.