Journaling for the Soul: Invite creativity in

Journaling opens you up to creativity.

It helps you to discover and record parts of your subconscious that you haven’t paid much attention to before.

And when you write with a pen on paper, it gives you a reprieve from technology.

Journaling is where you’ll find the seed of your ideas long before they enter your conscious mind or your physical reality.

It’s easy to look back and say it was inevitable.

But with journaling, you start catching those initial sparks already when the ideas begin to form.

Showing up to do the work – journaling – every day and writing down ideas, wishes, gratitude and goals will lead you to a place where creativity runs wild and free.

Your creativity will grow naturally through journaling when you do it every day.

To shake your creativity up a bit further, there are a few things you can do:

  • Change of scenery. Go journal at a cafe or on the beach. Your nomadically programmed brain will fill you with energy and excitement at entering a new landscape.
  • Ask what you need. And answer yourself honestly. What do you need in your life right now? What do you need to enable more creativity? A new hobby? A course? Whatever it is, gift that to yourself.
  • Creativity isn’t just for work. You use creativity everywhere. When you’re spending time with your family, when you’re listening to music, when you’re in pottery class, when you’re gardening or cooking a meal. And creativity comes from all those places too. Indulge in creative pursuits and you’ll tap into a whole river of creativity that will inspire you to create even more.

There’s an infinite amount of creativity.

And the more you indulge in it, the more you’ll find.

The more courageous you are in pursuing your creative passion, the more fulfilled and fuelled you’ll feel.

First, you need to answer the question and then you can answer your call for creativity.

And the more you answer when creativity comes calling, the better you’ll get at recognising it in your life.


What do you need in order to be more creative in your life right now?

And how can you honour it when creativity calls you?

Think of the ways in which you’d like to invite creativity in and then sit down with your journal and let her know your door’s open!