Journaling for the Soul: Write a letter with love

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Maybe it’s been a while. Well, today we’re going to write one!

And it’s not just going to be any letter, it’s going to be a letter with love.

Journaling doesn’t have a set format, though the Dear Diary kind is the one we’re most used to seeing.

One of the most powerful kinds of journaling is letter writing.

It can be a little strange at first, but it’s a powerful thing to write a letter. You can gain some strange and surprising insights from journaling this way.

Don’t worry, you’re not sending these letters.

We’re going to use letter writing as a way of directing your focus and energy because when you write to someone else, it’s different.

It feels different. You think of different things you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of, and your perspective is different from when you’re simply scribbling down your own thoughts.

Your life is a web of touchpoints with other people.

You haven’t journeyed this far alone.

Some people have meant more to you than others. And some have been brief encounters, others have lasted for decades.

Today I want you to start with just a small letter.

Small letter, big topic.

Yes, I know it may be a bit overwhelming, but don’t think about it too much. Let your thoughts and feelings flow and focus on the person you’re writing your letter to.

Trust the process and enjoy the moment. When was the last time you got to speak to this person, really tell them why they mattered to you?


Write a letter to someone you once loved but are no longer in contact with.

It can be someone you were friends with, an old flame, it can even be a pet you used to have.

Find your space, open your notebook and begin with “Dear…” and see what comes.

Don’t critique your writing or stop to read it back until you’ve finished writing. This is the beginning of learning to write letters to unlock your creativity and inner wisdom.