Journaling for the Soul: Well done, you did it!

You finished thirty days of journaling. How do you feel?

Well done for committing to showing up every day to do your journaling practice and connecting with yourself.

Here’s your chance to reflect on the journey you’ve taken over the past thirty lessons.

I designed the prompts to help you connect with yourself and your desires on a deeper level. Maybe ask some questions of yourself you’ve never thought of before.

Today, you can simply write down how you feel and what you’ve learned about yourself over the past month.

You can even return to that question of who you ARE.

Just write down whatever thoughts and feelings come as you reflect on the huge amount of work you’ve put in over the past thirty days.

Has journaling been helpful to you during this time?

It’s my hope that these small moments of immersing yourself in the writing have grounded you and given something back to you.

Your journaling time is your golden time.

I ask that you make yourself a promise to commit to doing it going forward as well.

The number one problem I see with journaling is keeping it up, and it’s easy to drop the ball when life gets in the way.

You get caught up in meetings, deadlines, appointments, solving problems, social media — things that demand your attention and offer quick wins.

Journaling is a slow burn activity.

You need to keep up your practice to see the benefits.

You’ve already done the hard work of getting over the first thirty days, so now’s the perfect time to keep it up.

Just write a little bit every day, five or ten minutes, simply to keep the momentum going.

You can write whatever comes to mind or do this course again from the beginning – or even go back and explore specific questions.

Journaling is a powerful way to process your emotions and learn to navigate the changing tides of your life.

Remember that if you can reach for your phone, you can also reach for your journal.

If it helps, you can do things to create a ritual out of journaling, choosing an act that signifies your commitment to yourself.

It can be burning your favourite candle, drawing a tarot card before or after, having a cup of tea – anything that feels right for you.

Give yourself more time away from social media apps and the chaos of consumerism, choose instead to go within – more soul, less mindless scroll.

Thank you so much for joining me in Journaling for the Soul.

This is only the magical beginning of something beautiful.

Keep strong and keep journaling!

All the love, all the power,