Journaling for the Soul: Generosity

When was the last time you were generous with yourself?

After a stressful day, you just want to crash on the couch to forget about everything that’s stressing you and zone out.

TV seems like the fastest way. Maybe some scrolling.

However, mindless distraction won’t genuinely help you deal with the stress.

Confronting your stress head on to find out what’s causing it will let you figure out how to deal with it.

It takes disciplined effort.

And journaling is a great way to give yourself enough space for self-reflection.

Whenever I take a good look at what’s causing me stress, I usually find that it isn’t the external circumstances or the issue itself.

More often, it’s the unrealistic pressure, expectations and standards that I impose on myself.

Ya feel me?

And when you go through your life without dealing with the stress, always opting to zone out when you should tackle it head-on, you’re going to suffer from a busy, cluttered mind.

That’ll make you more prone to getting caught up in negative thoughts and emotions in response to stressful and difficult situations.

Journaling will put distance between you and your thoughts and emotions. It allows you to pay attention.

You become aware without judging yourself.

Because you’ll be able to step back and simply notice that you have thoughts and feelings without exaggerating or denying them.

Only by expressing them can you release them.

And when you hold space for yourself, letting go of what’s weighing you down, you’re being generous with yourself.

You’re giving yourself what no one else can.

And you’ll advocate for yourself even outside of your journal.

You’ll start standing up for what you want – and saying ‘no’ to the stuff that doesn’t improve your life gets a lot easier.

Because you are not your feelings.

If you were, then who’s feeling the feelings?


When was the last time you were generous with yourself?

Also, consider what you can do to be more generous with yourself from now on. What can you do for yourself to restore equilibrium in your body and mind?

Small things you can do in everyday life and big things you can do now and then.