Money Mindset Workshop: Money changes people

How is money is gonna change you?

We all have our ideas about what people with money are like.

We see how caught up in the material world they get and we think of them as selfish.

We see greedy, predatory, self-centred people being hailed as the most powerful in the world, and we want nothing to do with the Trumps and Bezoses of the world.

The energy of money is so closely tied to your emotions.

And no money-related thought, feeling or memory is too small to clear – everything is symbolic.

Not to mention; it’s going to take more mindset work than you think, so you need to throw everything you can at it because you don’t know what will work for you to free you from your negative self-beliefs around money.

And your self-worth!

Money isn’t inherently good or bad. Money is what you make it.

More money doesn’t mean drowning in material comfort just for its own sake.

More money can mean more power in your hands to consume more responsibly and to shape the world around you for the better.

When you realise that it can also bring gratitude, abundance and a sense of giving back, you’ll see that it’s worth making space for money in your life.

The money you want is just a number. Not a literal translation of your self-worth.

And you can be any type of rich woman you want to be. You just need to choose your role models carefully.

Because once you release those stereotypes of what rich women are in the world you can create your own meaning of wealth.

And money loves clarity, so you should absolutely define what wealth means for you.

If you have people in your life who have a negative relationship with money (don’t worry, we all have those people) and you feel like they’re affecting your thinking with money, you need to release that negativity.

Does it mean cutting them out of your life? Sometimes. But not always.

Usually, it’s best to just completely clean out toxic people entirely. But when that’s not an option, you can divest yourself of their negativity while still maintaining a relationship with that person.

This is a very good exercise when you’re working on your money mindset but other people in your life haven’t got as far as you have yet.

Close your eyes and settle in where you are. Take three deep breaths to centre yourself.

Feel yourself relax as you give yourself the gift of deep breathing. Now, imagine that you’re standing facing the person you’re thinking of. They may be standing close to you or a few metres away.

Begin to notice the cords that connect you two to each other, all the emotional entanglements.

Look at them and become aware of how the cords look:

  • What material are they made of?
  • Are they small and wiry or thick and gnarled?
  • How many chords connect you?
  • What colour are they?
  • What parts of your body do they connect to?

Imagine that you have a pair of large scissors in your hands. Y’know, the kind that you cut ribbons with at mall openings.

But these are cosmic, magical scissors that work on an energetic plane (rather than at the mall).

And as you begin cutting the cords between yourself and this other person, you’ll see how these magical scissors turn the cords into stardust that floats away on the breeze.

Feel how with every snip a weight is lifted from between you and the other person.

You both feel the weight lifting and feel more relief with every cord that’s cut.

Because that stuff is all in the past. And you don’t need it anymore.

Keep clearing until you’ve cut all the emotional entanglement between you and the other person.

Notice how the other person feels as relieved, grateful and deeply content as you do.

By practising this meditation, you’re not cutting this person out of your life. Neither is it about rejecting or abandoning them.

You’re simply cutting the energetic cords that transmit negative energy.

You can even cut cords that seem positive but feel too needy – such as having a great friend but knowing that you depend on them too much.

You cut the cords to restore health and balance to your relationship.

Because you have this energetic attachment to other people. You can have them with family members, lovers, exes, coworkers, friends, and even people you’ve never met in person.

If there’s someone you’re missing or longing to see again, or if there’s someone you have burned bridges with, this attachment can feel like an immense weight on you that you don’t even know where it’s coming from!

If you have a connection to someone you resent, are angry at, afraid of to anxious about, these cords can bring you down big time.

When you let go of the negative energy between you, you’ll feel a sense of peace and support.

And this practice will heal you, serve you, and change you in the most amazing ways.


Use these writing prompts for journaling:

  • Who would you be if you were financially abundant?
  • What would you do differently with a lot of money?
  • How would you dress differently if you were a wealthy woman?
  • How would you feel different than you do today if you had a lot of money?