Money Mindset Workshop: What’s your crazy money?

Another day, another mindset shift. You are on a roll!

And I’m so proud of you for showing up to do this work every day.

Because it’s really the difficult inner work that you have to do in order to create real change in your life. It’s not always easy, and it’s almost always guaranteed to be messy.

But it’s so worth it. You’re so worth it.

So, let’s get on to today’s work, shall we?

Because I’m dying to know: what’s your crazy money?

And I want a number.

How much money do you need to feel financially abundant?

If you don’t get specific about how much money you’d really like and are all wishy-washy about it, you can’t complain when you find a penny on the street and the universe sits back satisfied that it answered your request!

When you’re setting financial goals for yourself, get hella specific.

Think of it like ordering food at a restaurant.

If you tell the waiter, “bring me some food” you can’t really gripe about it if you don’t like what they bring you.

You have to place your money order like you’re ordering food from a really dumb waiter that needs to have everything explained in detail – even down to the lecture on how steamed beans should be crunchy and not mushy.

I want you to think of a number and declared it right here, right now.

And I’m talking, “if I won the lottery” kind of money. So, don’t hold back, think crazy big money.

Not just what you need. But what you’d want in your wildest dreams. Allow yourself to daydream and think about what you’d like. Do you want to go travelling for a year? Buy a big beach house?

Would you like to be driven around by your personal driver?

Have your own private island?

And keep your eyes open because you never know where inspiration is going to come from.

When you see something that you’d like to have or experience something you want more of, anchor that good moment and good feeling in yourself.

I’ll give you an example: that first time when I put on my new, not raggedy undies?

Oh, did I ever savour that!

And I thought to myself, “This is what putting undies on should feel like! They should fit you and hug you comfortably and not too tightly, and they should feel like they just become a part of you. Oh, I want ALL my clothes to feel like this from now on!”.

And I just hit pause in that moment and allowed the impression and experience of that moment, that feeling, to seep into me and become a part of my mindset.

Since then, it’s taken root like a little tree and it’s grown!

My feeling of self-worth and acceptance have only grown since then.

I see more opportunities to accept myself as I am.

And I see those old thought patterns more clearly when they do surface and deal with them more effectively than I ever have.

It has become easier to look at myself and believe that this is what a wealthy woman looks like.

So, whenever you find those thoughts, feelings and moments that you want more of, take a minute to fix them in your mind.

Hook a big fat anchor in those moments and retain that connection like a ship to its anchor as you move from it.

That way you’ll be able to call it up any time you want – which you should be doing!

You should think of it often and replay that feeling in your mind.

Because guess what?

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between the idea of it and the real deal.

Think about it: your brain sits in a black box (inside your skull).

Your brain can’t see what’s around it, can’t hear what’s going on.

Your brain is literally working off of its best guesses.

Because it interprets the impulses your body sends to it and makes as good a prediction of what’s going to happen next as it can.

And it’s got bloody good at it, too!

All you have to do is think of a piece of cake and imagine eating that piece of cake.

Your brain will release the exact right amount of insulin that it will take to break down that cake. Even when there’s no friggin cake!

And you’re just flipping through a magazine dreaming of the cakes you COULD be eating!

So, hell yes, use this to your advantage!

Since your brain literally doesn’t know the difference between what’s in front of you and what’s in your imagination, imagine the life you want.

Imagine what it feels like, what it looks like, what it tastes like!

And do it often.

Because, to your brain, you right now and the wealthy you in your mind is one and the same.

Let me say that again: they are one and the same.

I’ll just let that sink in…


How much money do you need to feel abundant?

If you could have as much as you wanted, how much would you want?

Say out loud: “I want to make __ every month.”

Set your money goal as your password on everything you can to get yourself to repeat it often.