Money Mindset Workshop: Put your money to work!

It’s time to put all that money that’s coming your way to work!

This is a really important thing.

Especially if you have a feast-and-famine pattern where you spend all the money you get as soon as you have it, sit up and pay attention.

Have you ever thought about why it’s so much easier to struggle along with no money?

And why simply holding on to money is so hard?

Because when you have bills to pay and stuff to pay for, that money’s already spent and you’re basically just the middle man making sure the money goes where it’s supposed to.

You don’t need to think about paying bills, you just pay them.

That money has a job to do, and that’s why it’s so easy for it to do it!

And this is what you have to do for all that “extra” money you want to keep.

Because otherwise you’ll see it as surplus and spend it on stupid shit.

So, make a list, grab an excel, whatever works for you and start doing some simple accounting. List the things you already need to spend money on, item and amount. Add savings and emergency money to your list next. Set aside a column for how much money you want to have in case of an emergency. Then double the total sum you get. Why? Because, honey, that’s the least you deserve! Also, add a savings goal.

Six to twelve months’ salary is a good place to start.

You should grow this goal every time you hit the goal because saving for retirement is a real thing and you’re gonna need that money if you don’t want to cut back your lifestyle by two-thirds when you quit working.

And if you know that you need to save money for something specific, like a down payment, add that to the list too.

Once you’ve catalogued your current life, move on to the things you’d like to have but don’t right now.

So, if you want a bigger house, fancier car, a nice pet, a new hobby, add these items to the list and then write down how much money you’ll need to pay for them.

Or upgrade the sums of already existing items – such as if you want to move to a bigger place, just add the difference between what a bigger place would cost to what you’re paying now.

And consider the auxiliary cost of things in this list.

So, for instance, if you want to buy a cat you need to add the price of the cat itself plus the food, litter and vet expenses etc. to your list.

And just keep going until you can’t think of anything to add to your list.

Now you have a goal.

Broken down into several smaller goals as well.

And there’s no “extra” money because the money that’s “just sitting there” has been assigned to savings goals or emergency funds.

So, you have no reason to spend that money on the frivolous shit.

When you want or need to buy something, put it on your list.

And so that you don’t spend money that’s already got a job on impulse purchases, set money aside for “impulse purchases” and put a cap on how much you can spend on impulse purchases.

The other benefit of this, other than putting your money to work, is that now you have a number.

You know how much your dream life is gonna cost, which means it just became real.

Because when it’s just a vague idea, who knows what you really want?

But when you get specific, that cosmic waiter knows exactly how to hop to and get you what you want.

Knowing what you want also means that you’ll be happy with it once you get it (rather than send it back and ask for “something else”).

What you focus on grows. What gets measured improves.

It’s very typical of us women to compartmentalise money. Maybe you think that money from certain sources isn’t “real”, such as gifts.

You could be pushing away abundance and not even realise it!

We’re often not aware of the abundance coming into our lives and start to make up stories around feeling broke.

But all money is real money.

And every piece of money is going to be tracked, appreciated and acknowledged!

Remember: this IS NOT an accounting exercise.

This is an awareness and appreciation discipline that will uncover new insights about your money blocks and your energetic income level.

I’ll leave you to it!


How much money do you need to feel financially abundant?

Make a list of how much money your dream life is going to take. Give every penny you dream of a job!