Money Mindset Workshop: Now, whatcha gonna do?

Hello, you wealthy woman you!

How gorgeous are you feeling today?

Eager to keep going, I hope, because today I wanna tell you about inspired action.

The truth is that fortune follows action. And money loves speed.

Not to mention: nothing will happen until you take action.

But it has to be inspired.

When you take action and knock on one door, the universe meets you halfway and knocks on a thousand more for you.

Be bold and take a big, scary leap and you’ll see how the ‘lucky’ opportunities that come your way will astonish you.

Inspired action is more than a to-do list.

It’s about action that really starts to shift the fabric of reality around you, and declares out loud that you’re serious about your goals.

For instance, if publishing a book is your goal and you say, “I’m gonna research self-publishing” that’s not very inspired.

It’s just bland, lukewarm action, and the energy of it won’t carry you very far.

You sitting at your computer researching self-publishing options doesn’t actually do anything that’ll make a difference in the world.

Research is a good place to start but doesn’t in itself move you forward.

You want to push yourself out of your comfort zone when you want results.

It needs to feel thrilling, scary and exciting in equal measures.

So, what action can you take that will create ripples?

Maybe what you need is to make a public commitment, like writing a social media post saying, “Hey everyone! I’m writing a book about how to bake monster-themed cupcakes. It’s gonna be out by July!” and hitting publish.

If you’re really serious, set up an emailing list and tell people how to sign up to the waiting list so they can be the first to know when it’s done.

And if you want to be really bold, pre-sell your book before it’s even finished. Literally take money from people in exchange for a promise to deliver by the deadline. Yikes!!!

Yes, it may feel scary. But it will push you to hit that deadline.

That’s what I’m talking about when I say inspired action.

If it doesn’t feel like divine intervention reaching into your soul and igniting that spark, it’s not inspired.

And guess what?

When you do that – take these big, bold actions – the universe will meet you halfway.

You’ll start to see things aligning and you’ll get new ideas about how to make your dream happen.

It’s not magic – you just need to take the kind of action that will create ripples.

And I bet you can think of something you can do right now.

Something that screams to the world that you 100% believe in your goal and are gonna get there.

If you have such a big dream that it’s causing you anxiety and panic attacks, along with a big helping of procrastination (which is totally normal, by the way), break it down into smaller goals.

Write your big, scary goal at the top of the page and write today’s date at the bottom.

Now start plotting the steps that you need to take to get from today to your goal.

You can go forwards from today or reverse engineer it from your goal, or mix and match – just do it.

And then put deadlines by which you want to have achieved each step.

Because you can’t just sit there and wait for the world to discover how brilliant you are.

You have to go out there and show it, pump it up like you’re a DJ at a bar mitzvah and the world is a 94-year-old Nana who just needs to remember how hard she can hit it on the dance floor one more time.

Publish one blog post, make a video, write the first chapter, or ask someone for help.

And don’t get stuck in procrastinating or overthinking it.

If you’re not sure what action to take, just start with something and refine as you go.

Because inspiration doesn’t come to those who wait, it comes to those who do.


What is your big money goal?

Ask for a raise? Have a million in the bank? Pay off your debt? Get speaking gigs to build your reputation? Start a side hustle for extra money?

And remember: make it specific!

No point in placing vague orders.

What inspired action can you take to get closer to your goal?

Make a list of the steps you need to get there and set deadlines for each step. Then write those deadlines into your calendar because that just makes them one step closer to real.

You can also put your list somewhere you see it every day and cross off the tasks as soon as you get them done to bolster your motivation and keep you focused.