Money Mindset Workshop: Dare to be phenomenal!

Mamma Mia! We’ve reached the end of the Money Mindset Workshop!

Time to get your boogie on like Betty Grable, woman, you made it!!!

You need to enjoy your awesomeness now.

Do it! What are you waiting for? Get in a little happy dance.

Ya done good!

I mean, instant manifestation is cool and all, but unless you’re Aladdin with his magic genie, there’s gonna be a lag between when you wish for something and it actually shows up in your life.

Bit of a bummer, I know.

But if you let yourself freak out and let those doubts take hold, you’ll just jam the pipes and press pause on the delivery of your dreams.

Gracefully allowing your wildest dreams to come true to you is an art form.

But don’t put your life now on hold until you get everything on your wish list.

Go out and enjoy yourself now.

Wear your fanciest clothes on a Tuesday because treating yourself like a VIP will only speed up your success and flex those goal-achieving muscles that are so crucial.

The universe loves to help happy, optimistic people who already think they’re awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Nobody wants to help a Grumpy Gus who never says thank you!

And you already are so awesome, why wouldn’t you want the world to know??

My final advice to you, as you welcome yourself to your new life, is twofold.

First, always remember your gratitude.

Be grateful for everything you have, no matter how small or how far away it is from what you really want because let’s face it, your life is already freakin’ awesome – it has you as the leading star!

When you remember your gratitude, every day will be a shower of abundance.

I want you to become almost “reverse paranoid” and take EVERYTHING as a sign that the universe is conspiring to make all your dreams come true.

Feeling jealous of someone who seems to have everything you want?

It’s okay to admit that because you’re being shown what’s possible for you too!

Take jealousy as a sign that you’re on the right track and affirm to yourself that good things are happening to you as well.

Be happy for another woman’s success, and when the time comes, she’ll be happy for yours too.

Envy is something that’s been instilled in us by the patriarchy.

Envy of looks, envy of relationships, envy of success, envy of children, etc.

Jealousy is encouraged between women and by giving in to it, you’re only feeding the patriarchal beast.

We’re trained from a young age that we need to be rivals — not sisters — and that the main arena we need to compete on looks.

Think about it; how do guys typically react to other good-looking men?

Maybe a muttering of “lucky bastard” and a shrug, but it wouldn’t challenge his ego, or trouble his own sense of worth too much.

Men aren’t judged by their looks as women are.

Men are allowed to own their bodies and aren’t undermined at every turn the way women are.

And looking different doesn’t make men question their own capability.

Because a man is seen as competent no matter what he looks like. If a woman is competent, it isn’t recognised unless it can be appended to her good looks.

“She’s pretty! And a molecular biologist, too.”

Unlike men, women don’t have the luxury of escaping the daily onslaught of patriarchal pressure.

Men aren’t scrutinised and criticised for every action, and so, if someone does have a negative opinion of them, they have the option to not let it affect their self-esteem.

And yet, despite this enviable position, men often throw temper tantrums at the merest hint of rejection.

But how often do you see men tearing each other down?

Almost never.

But you know what? This isn’t Mad Max and life isn’t like the Thunderdome, where “death is listening, and will take the first man that screams”.

What really matters is that you count your blessings, and work to bring in the tide that raises all boats equally.

This leads me to the second piece of advice: DREAM BIGGER.

Because what happens when you get everything you want? I mean, it’s awesome, right?

So, keep on dreaming and challenging yourself to go higher and shine brighter.

How much success and bliss can you handle? How delightful can your life become?

And if you get stuck, go back to the beginning, rinse and repeat.

Dig out those fears and keep busting them.

Because as I’ve said before, you’re never going to be fully rid of them, you’ll just get better at dealing with them as they come up.

And at each level of success, you’ll get an opportunity to uncover more layers of fear.

Life is about growth.

And you’re one magnificent work in progress, my dear.

There’s no set timeline for figuring life out.

You’re allowed to change your mind. And change it again.

You can start over and do something completely different.

The most important thing is that you just keep following that road that’s paved with the people, things and experiences you love.

So, dare to be phenomenal, and beautiful things will come your way.

All the love, all the power,


Finish this sentence: “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

Now, this isn’t about, wouldn’t it be great if cake had no calories.

This is about how you can get unstuck from your own thinking and really dream big. This simple sentence triggers your imagination and gives you permission to play freely!

So, think more along the lines of, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could take Friday’s off” or “Wouldn’t it be great if I was mortgage free!”

This is your chance to upgrade YOUR experience of life from “meh” to “HELL YEAH!”

This is your chance to really brainstorm so go big or go home! Don’t overthink it, just write down whatever comes to mind.