Money Mindset Workshop: Why you can’t have the money you want

In order to start addressing your money blocks – those underlying beliefs that are holding you back from really making the kind of money you want – we have to figure out what they are.

Everybody has a different story about why they can’t have big, crazy money.

Some people feel they aren’t worthy of money. Others worry about being judged harshly by family and friends if they have a lot of money.

As I’ve said before, most of the time these blocks stem from your past and what you’ve – consciously and unconsciously – learned about money.

However, your scarcity mindset manifests itself. I want you to really think about what it’s telling you: when you think about you being a rich woman, what thoughts and feelings immediately come up?

What’s your biggest challenge? Your biggest excuse?

  • “I feel like a fraud”
  • “I feel unqualified”
  • “I’m winging it”
  • “I can’t choose a direction”
  • “I have negative friends and family”
  • “I don’t believe I can be rich”
  • “I can’t handle large amounts of money”
  • “I’m not deserving or good enough”

And when do you notice these pesky money blocks rearing their ugly heads?

Is it when you’re paying for something at the store? Maybe a larger-than-usual purchase has you reaching for the panic button because you’re afraid your card will get declined?

Or is it when you’re scrolling through social media and feeling jealous about how everyone else is so perfect and put together? How do they have so much more than you? How do they have the things you’d love to have?

It’s important to notice when these feelings come up for you so that you can identify your triggers.

Right now, you might not even notice what’s actually causing them.

But when you figure it out, you can actively shut them down and shift your mindset before total chaos erupts.

And right about now, you may be feeling some resistance to this work.

Like you might be thinking that you just need to work harder, get more organised, or get another certificate instead of this – that doing just that one more thing will be the thing that changes everything for you.

But it won’t. What you’ve been doing so far won’t take you to the next level.

As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

So, get honest about your capacity to receive abundance.

And about what’s really holding you back. More often than not, it’s you yourself that’s standing in the way.

And believe me, I know how icky inner work can feel. I mean, dredging up all those old feelings and memories? Stuff that you’ve tried to bury so deep even you forget that it’s there?

Pain, rejection, exclusion, feeling less worthy than others?


But by continuing to believe in those stories, you’re letting the ghosts of the past shape and create your future.

Your brain is an incredibly powerful tool but it’s built for efficiency, and using it wrong will guarantee failure. Your brain loves nothing better than taking complex information and simplifying it.

Because efficiency – in terms of evolution – means survival.

You recognise dangers more easily; you avoid walking down a path that leads to the den of a sabertoothed tiger, you walk around the patch of poison ivy, you don’t eat the poisonous mushrooms.

Your brain works off of the library of information it has from the past.

So, in order to create new habits, you have to update the information your brain is working with.

And that means taking inventory and updating your library aka rewriting your story.

When you’re able to release those old money blocks and patterns, you can break through your income plateau.

Because when you change your relationship with money, everything else changes.

I know that it’s time for you to create your first-class life: clearing away debt, buying your dream home, supporting your family, donating to causes you care about, etc.

And simply living a life where money is your best friend, and it’s easy for you to invite her in.


Make a list of the thoughts and feelings that say you can’t have money – “I can’t have a lot of money because…”

Go through the list and think about when these triggers come up for you.

Finish this sentence: “I feel the most resistance around money when…”