Hello Gorgeous

Ahh, that feeling of snuggling into a blanket cave. Key ingredients? Snacks, a drink and a good book or a movie queued up and nowhere to go. Bliss!

Cringeworthy: big crowds, malls, heavy metal concerts, Black Friday shopping, parties where you don’t know anyone, violence and horror as entertainment, yelling and screaming, people who are angry or aggressive . . . the list goes on.

If you know what I’m talking about, you’re my kind of people! Even though I can’t people most days.

I’m an introvert and empath and I pick up the energy and emotions of other people. Even a super fun day out can leave me curled up in a foetal position questioning the meaning of life.

I take days to recover from socialising and my two favourite places to be is out in nature with the critters or lost in my art. Every day I’m learning how to hold my own space and protect myself from those icky feels that stick to me like confetti in a glue factory.