Are you mentally tough?

What does it mean to be mentally tough?

Having mental toughness gives you endurance and a degree of immunity to exhaustion because it enables you to ignore the first onset of fatigue and find your second wind, both in physical and mental exertion.

This makes a prolonged effort at something easier.

It means having a constitutional boldness when attempting difficult assignments or tasks where success isn't a sure thing.

The more you train yourself to be mentally tough, the more daring and determination you will have.

It will drive you to climb over obstacles that would daunt conservative judgement or ordinary courage and help you set your teeth and bring home success even from apparent failure.

Mental toughness is frequently found in people who have vision and excellent judgement.

What better advantage in life can you have than passion and perseverance to get you where you want to go?

I have strong and persistent courage.

I have to screw up my courage to meet difficult situations.

I think I am mentally and/or physically tough.

Do you challenge hardships or do you try to avoid difficulties by following the line of least resistance?

Do you hesitate trying new things that require courage and resilience?

Do you take action in unfamiliar situations when success seems reasonably certain or do you wait for others to occupy the strategic positions first?

How do you feel about personal risk in your work, in sports, in travel and in life?

Are you attracted or repelled by unknown or untried things.

When you were young, did heroic deeds thrill you and was it your ambition to emulate them?

Are you resolute in the presence of imminent danger?

Do you tend to show individual courage or is your bravery stronger in a group?

Do you struggle to master challenges that test all of your resources?

Can you accept and benefit from severe criticism with composure when you seem to have been at fault?

When necessary, are you capable of imposing strict discipline on yourself in preparation for a challenge?

I strive for personal efficiency, grasp at opportunities and recognise that I have a right to advancement.

Do you rebound quickly from defeat?

Are you indifferent to scornful fault-finding?

Do you enjoy being in contests of courage and endurance as well as intellectual battles?

I am a generally positive person and I always want to see the good in others.

When confronted with unexpected difficulties in an undertaking, is your first impulse to back down or to try harder?

Do you have faith in that you will be successful, even when things look really bleak?

I am able to deal with stress well and I have strategies to help me cope.

Once you've thoroughly thought something through and made a decision based on it, do you stay committed to your decision?

When making a purchase – whether a t-shirt or a car - do you inspect the goods under consideration and form an independent opinion of your options?

Do you sometimes accept less than you know you should because you don't want to push others to give you more?

I am comfortable talking about my emotions.

I am comfortable asking for help from others.

I have clear goals for my future and I have a plan to achieve them.

I can deal with unexpected or sudden changes well.