Journaling for the Soul: List writing

Life is a string of fleeting moments.

Of small choices, beloved memories, big dreams, and rushing days.

Sometimes it’s good to pause by a moment, a memory, an experience or an epiphany and examine it honestly and with love.

Because every experience can teach you something important about yourself.

You’re always journeying towards your dreams.

Life is usually rushing by so quickly that you rarely get a chance to think about what really matters.

And too often, the urgent overshadows the important.

But you can stop and pick up the things in your life like beautiful stones on a beach and observe them with truth and with love.

Because every experience, every dream, every failure and every choice can show you something about yourself.

So, be brave and pick up the pen.

And before you think I’m crazy, hear me out.

Writing lists is a powerful journaling exercise. You’d be surprised at how accurate a biography is hidden within the lists you write.

So, today I want you to write a few lists! Write briefly or write lengthily.

But be honest and the journey towards your dreams can begin.


Write a list of 10 items for each topic below:

  • 10 favourite movies.
  • 10 people you admire.
  • 10 most embarrassing things that ever happened to you.
  • 10 of the happiest days of your life.
  • 10 things that are good right now.