Money Mindset Workshop: How much money can you handle?

I wanna know: how much money can you really handle?

Oh, I know you’ve said you’d like more money. That’s why you’re here!

But saying it and believing it are two different things.

How do you FEEL about having more money? Truly?

My money mindset used to be centred around a fear of it being taken away from me.

The problem with feeling like you have to protect your money, or hold on to it really tightly, is that you end up capping yourself from receiving more.

So, I ask again: what is your capacity for money?

For abundance? For success? For love?

It’s a powerful thing to ask yourself; how much success, love, money, and abundance can I comfortably allow in my life?

And comfort is key here.

Because you need to identify at what point you start feeling worried, tense, or constricted.

If a good thing comes your way, do you turn it into ‘too much of a good thing’ by inadvertently shrinking your capacity to have more money and abundance in your life?

Your brain will pick the safety of familiarity over the risk of losing.

Every. Damn. Time.

It’s called loss aversion.

And it’s that thing where the feeling of losing something is a lot stronger than gaining the same thing.

We feel an aversion to loss because we want to avoid being hurt.

This means that you’re fighting an uphill battle with your brain when it comes to change. Because in order to have change in one part of your life, you have to lose something else.

Even when you really want that change.

Even when what you’re losing are the old patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you any more.

And even knowing all that, your brain will still only see “potential loss” and swerve a hard left to avoid it.

But the good news is that you can short-circuit your brain.

When it starts yelling, Stranger danger! Stranger danger! and starts preparing to bolt to safety, you can put an arm around your brain’s proverbial shoulders and sweet-talk it to walk down a dark alleyway with you.

Well, that’s what your brain sees, anyway.

You and I know that you’re really leading both of you to a bigger, better, more abundant place in life.

And here’s how to do it: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths to centre yourself. Imagine a container in your mind. Just let whatever comes come. It can be any size, shape, colour, material, style and texture. What kind of container do you see?

And don’t cheat yourself by making it bigger and better than it really is.

This is about honesty. It may be tiny. It may be uninspiring. It may be leaky. It may be missing parts.

If it’s a rusty bucket that looks more like an Ancient Roman relic, so be it.

That’s what you have to work with.

And telling yourself otherwise is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Your container for abundance is symbolic of how much money you think you’re allowed to have.

If it’s a good size but has holes in it, you might actually already receive abundance but run out of it as fast as it comes in.

Or it may be tiny and precious, but have no space for great abundance.

In order to have more, you need to acclimatise to having more.

Just like you’d need to take your time and adjust to the pressure change when you’re diving, you need to re-condition yourself and release those generational habits and stories so that you can create a new standard for normal for yourself.

And to do this, I want you to picture your container and imagine it’s growing. It can grow a little or it can grow a lot. It can grow quickly or it can grow slowly.

But it’s best to keep a steady pace. Stop and admire it every time it gets bigger and express your gratitude for it growing.

Eventually, it’ll be so big you’ll fit into it. And then your abundant life.

It might grow to the size of a stadium, if you do this exercise regularly.

Always start with the container you have and then start adding to it from there. You can transform the material or how it looks. You can decorate it or add parts to it.

And as you grow your container, feel that same expansion within yourself.

Allow yourself to experience how it feels different to have a larger capacity to receive and hold abundance.

And then I want you to start doing one more thing.

Remember on day three, when you declared that the cycle of bad money habits ends with you?

This is similar but this time I want you to declare that you’re ready for more.

Say out loud, “It’s my time and ready for more abundance”, and then start putting it into practice.

Start saying thank you.

When your coworker offers to buy you a coffee, don’t insist on paying, just say ‘Thank you, that’s so nice of you’.

When your friend tells you your dress looks nice, don’t “Oh, this old thing” it. Say thank you.

When your partner does the dishes, say thank you (yes, even when we all know it’s everyone’s job to do the dishes).

If you’re uncomfortable receiving praise or compliments, just keep saying thank you.

This will start a chain reaction where abundance attracts more abundance and gratitude attracts more gratitude.

All you have to do is follow where the energy of abundance flows and say thank you for the abundance you receive.

When you do this, you mark my words, the universe will start sending you opportunities to receive more abundance.

And if you feel any resistance, any anxiety around saying thank you, keep imagining your container of abundance growing bigger and allow the abundance to rain down on you.

It’s your time and you are ready.


  • Start growing your container of abundance with the visualisation exercise every day.
  • Start saying thank you for the things that come to you. When someone wants to praise or compliment you, don’t explain it away, receive it instead by saying ‘thank you’.
  • Declare out loud that you’re ready to receive more abundance: “It’s my time and I’m ready for more!”