Money Mindset Workshop: Knock, knock…

Today, daaahling, we’re going to take a little sneak peek into the future.

The bottom line is that your desire to get to your money goal has to be bigger than your fear.

And it doesn’t need to be oodles bigger either.

It just needs to be just big enough to beat out your fear by one single measure.

When you fall down, it’s the determination to get up just once more. When you miss the mark, it’s the choice to try just one more time. When you feel like nothing is happening, it’s the decision to keep going for just one more day.

It means having one eye in the future while the other one is scanning your to-do list.

And this can feel tricky.

Especially when I ask you to “imagine what your future looks like” it might be one of those moments where you just draw up a blank.

One of the problems you might be fighting is that every time you imagine your abundant future, your brain starts scrambling and screaming “But how!?!” and goes into problem-solving mode, coming up with all the obstacles in your way and giving you analysis paralysis because it all seems impossible.

And you’re robbed of enjoying a simple visualisation exercise.

When that happens, it feels like that future with an abundant you is just pushed further away from who and where you are right now.

The end result is that you take zero action because it just seems way too hard.

Or you might be putting up such a massive barrier between the person you are today and the person you feel like you need to become that there’s just no way that’s ever gonna be you.

You’ll feel like you have to basically change everything about yourself to even have a snowball’s chance in hell.

Be so much thinner, never yell at your partner or kids, always be nice and happy, wear fancy clothes all the time, have perfect hair and make-up every day, be so much more organised than you are, always write the perfect thank you notes, never fart…

Someone so ridiculously perfect that every time you see her, you’re pushing her further away from you.

What you’re doing is perpetuating that deservability myth (which a myth, BTW) that says you aren’t worthy of abundance as you are.

That you have to do something drastic to even deserve it in the first place.

But that’s like watching the movie of your life and letting someone else be the leading star.

So, what we’re gonna do today, is go for a little visit (don’t worry, she’s one of your fav people!).

I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Relax and imagine yourself at the door of a house.

Just take notice of what you see.

Now knock on the door or ring the bell. The door opens, and it’s your future self.

And she’s so excited to see you!

You feel like old friends who haven’t met in ages.

Give her a hug or a high five, whatever you feel like!

And now take a moment to notice her. You’re basically almost exactly the same, but there are subtle differences.

What are they?

Maybe her posture is slightly different? Does she wear her hair a little differently? What about her clothes? Notice all these subtle but pleasing ways being wealthier shifts and changes your energy, confidence and charisma.

How does money-peace-of-mind look on you?

Imagine that this future you doesn’t have any significant money worries, she goes to sleep at night knowing that it’s all taken care of and that she can easily make more money to pay bills, cover sudden expenses and fulfil her dreams.

Notice that there is something so compelling and beautiful about the future you that you can’t help but feel that peace of mind filling you too.

Feel how wonderful it feels in your body to know that you have a healthy rainy day fund, the ability to cover sudden expenses with ease and enough to donate to causes that you care about.

Allow that serenity and abundance to enter your energy and just experience it.

Let your future self show you how wonderful it really is, and try on her energy for yourself.

Match her energy, her posture, the look in her eyes and the love in her heart and see what it would be like to be her.

Try it on like you try on a cosy coat and feel it settle on you.

Wiggle your shoulders a little and feel how this feeling is rooting itself deep inside your body.

Allow the roots to flow through you and into the ground, anchoring you in this beautiful place and mindset.

Feel the calming weight of peace of mind settle into your body and imagine that you grab onto this moment like a tree putting roots in the ground.

This way, you’ll be able to recall this feeling and come back and visit it at a moment’s notice.

Before we go back to the present moment, I want you to ask your future self if she has a message for you.

As the slightly older, slightly wiser version of you, she knows what it took to get where she is.

It could be just a word or a phrase. Take a moment, let it drop in and breathe.

Then let the image go.

Allow yourself to settle back into the present and know that you can remember that feeling and come back to it any time you need it.

In fact, the more you do it, the more you’ll integrate who you are now with the future version of you.

And you can already start acting and thinking just like the future you so that you start creating more and more of those micro habits that bring you closer to her.

Because the quicker you realise that you are the same person – that you already are this abundant version of yourself – the quicker you can take the action needed to get you there.

You can repeat this visualisation and get new advice and ideas every time.

And every time, new habits will be formed and you’ll be slightly more inclined to take the action your future self would – because you’re already her.

The faster you realise that you don’t have to change anything about yourself, the faster you’ll get there.


Write down the message your future you gave you and see how it affects your mindset.

Go visit your future self again, maybe a few days or a week later, and see how things are different.