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There are so many ways in which we prevent the easy flow of energy – in our homes, in our lives, in our minds and hearts.

And when we want something, we tend to think that we only need to create a vision board for it or write it down to make it come true.

But just as you need to do a thorough deep-clean in your mind and discard clutter – those beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve your well-being and prosperity – you also need to address the physical clutter in your life.

Beware of the “just in case” thinking.

Especially, if you’ve grown up poor, if your family has lost a lot along the way, or has had to start over with nothing, you’ll be familiar with the “just in case” mentality – even if you don’t do it yourself.

My mother was born just after the war and inherited her “just in case” from her childhood.

And though it made sense to save everything you could back in the 40s and 50s when there was a country to rebuild after many years of war, it was really out of place in the 90s, when I was growing up, and we were still reeling from the rise of consumerism in the 80s.

Our house was full of stuff. We rarely threw things away.

And instead of being useful, it was just oppressive to keep storing 15-year-old t-shirts rather than sell them at the flea market or recycle them.

And to make it worse, my mom’s scarcity mindset used to kick in at sales. She bought things we didn’t need, and things we didn’t really want, just because it was such a good deal.

And, of course, because “just in case, you never know when you’ll need it”.

My family taught me that clearing is the first step on the road to prosperity.

Because as long as you’re weighing yourself down with the past – physically, mentally and emotionally – you won’t have enough capacity left over to move forward.

Like my grandmother, who would say incredibly racist and inappropriate things about foreigners (Russians in particular) because she was still living in the pain from her childhood of being a refugee.

And though she was able to overcome much in her life, that pain was something that haunted her dreams up until the day she died – and it prevented her from moving on.

And this was in stark contrast to her own mother.

My great-gran (whom I have the privilege of being named after), who was on of those deeply happy people I mentioned earlier.

There wasn’t a time my great-gran wasn’t smiling and joking around despite having lost her family home, close family members, everything her family had known for generations, survived a long arduous journey as a refugee, and having to start a new life from the ashes of her old one.

My great-gran and her husband (not my great-gramps) had a big impact on me as a child because, to me, they were like the sun, always radiating this profound sense of life being okay and things working themselves out.

That all you had to do was just be grateful for the day and you’d be okay, come what may.

So, does this mean you should throw away precious mementos? Of course not.

But it does mean that you should carefully evaluate what things are really important to you. Keep and buy those things that truly matter, forgo the rest, and I guarantee you’ll feel how much lighter life becomes.

Because taking responsibility for all that stuff is a cognitive drain.

It takes a lot of energy to store it, organise it, maybe even pay for a place to keep it.

Certainly, you need to pay for a bigger home when storing items is a priority for you. You don’t invite prosperity into your life by cluttering it up.

Would you invite your friends over for dinner and then let the house be such a mess that they had a hard time coming in the door?

With laundry strewn all over the furniture, old unwashed plates and glasses everywhere and several weeks’ trash waiting by the door to be taken out?

Of course not! Because you have more pride in yourself than that.

One of the first rules of bringing good Feng Shui into your home is to keep a clean and tidy home so that the energy can flow easily into every room in the house.

The more you release the things that don’t serve you, the more space you create for new things to come in.

So, set your intention to clear space and then take action to manifest that.

Think of it as an experiment and see what you can manifest by doing it.

Happy decluttering!


Declutter the most cluttered area in your home, or the area that bugs you the most. If it’s a big project, set some time aside for it or do a little bit every day or every week.

Declutter your closet. Let go of those clothes that you don’t use or that don’t fit. You bought those clothes for a version of yourself that you no longer wish to continue being. And you deserve to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Declutter books, magazines and papers. Whether it means getting organised about important papers or letting go of old magazines nobody reads anymore, especially any piles of these you have lying around. This is knowledge clutter and you should either get organised or recycle/sell them.

Declutter the area where you take care of your finances. That means the space you use to pay your bills and work on your finances (physical and digital). Get rid of clutter, organise important information and clean out drawers of random junk. If you’re working from home, clear out your desk and home office.

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