7+ ideas for inviting prosperity into your home and your life with good feng shui

How to use feng shui to invite prosperit into your life

Feng shui is a traditional practice from ancient China and is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. The practice of feng shui discusses architecture in terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together – known as qi.

Developed more than 3,000 years ago, feng shui was designed to help balance the energies within a space and within the home to help promote harmony, good health and wealth.

Prosperity is one of the major elements in feng shui.

And it can come in many forms, not just financial prosperity, such as an abundance of friendships, good luck and opportunities for growth.

Using the principles of feng shui is a great way for you, as an empath, to optimise your living space for maximum harmony.

And the beautiful thing about working with feng shui is that when you work with prosperity, you invite all kinds of abundance to come into your life, not just money.

Feng shui is a wonderful way to use your physical space to support your mental harmony.

We’re incredibly affected by our environment and how your home makes you feel is so important – you should feel safe and supported at home.

And clutter isn’t just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living!

There’s no better way to get rid of the clutter than to get organised. I know that you have a busy life and a thousand different things to remember so, by organising and harmonising your physical space you’re also creating more mental space.

1. Make the entrance to your home inviting

In feng shui the entrance to your home is called the “mouth of qi” and you welcome all the energy into your life through your front door.

To create an inviting entrance, make sure to deep clean the area regularly. Pay attention to the door frame, door number, handles, locks and edges of the door. Clean any areas that look or often are neglected.

Make sure that the door is working properly and doesn’t jam.

You can even decorate it with plants or wreaths.

The idea is that you want prosperity to flow effortlessly into your front door and feel welcome, so you want the path to your door unblocked.

Keep your entrance organised to ensure the free flow of energy into your home. A clean welcome mat welcomes a clean flow of energy into your home.

You can bring elements, or their representative colours, into the design of your entrance:

  • Blacks signify water and invite more flow and connections.
  • Reds and oranges are the fire element and represent visibility and recognition.
  • Grays represent metal, which invokes joy and efficiency.
  • Blues and greens signify the wood element and boost growth and new beginnings.
  • Yellows and browns represent earth and embody grounding and stability.

If you have several entrances to your home, be sure to use the formal entrance at least once a day.

Wall art is an easy and quick way to add colour to a space. Check out the prints I have in my shop here.

2. Create a wealth corner

In a home with good feng shui, there is an area dedicated to wealth. You can use a feng shui energy map called a Bagua to choose where to put your wealth corner, or (more easily) choose a place that feels good to you.

To activate the wealth corner of your home, add the colour purple (in accessories, paint, or furniture), living green houseplants, and water features to grow and nourish your wealth.

The element of the money Bagua area is wood and its colours are brown and green. When bringing elements into your wealth corner to activate it, they should either be wood or represent wood or be an element that nourishes wood, such as water.

Some objects you can place in the wealth gua to keep the wealth flowing:

  1. Wood elements in your decor – artwork of natural landscapes, trees or leaves, which have an abundant feel. Live plants is a great addition to inspire energy of growth. You can also choose wooden decorative pieces in browns and greens.
  2. Water elements in your decor – if you’re really ambitious, you can add some actual water in the form of a fountain or even some hydroponic plants. Keep in mind that feng shui prefers to use moving or clear water, so a plant in a clear vase is better than a solid one, and an image of a waterfall or moving waves is better than the image of a still lake. The colours of water are blue and black which can be added as to represent water.
  3. Good lighting – adding more light is always a good thing in feng shui. Just make sure the design of your lighting and light fixtures fit into the rest of your decor with harmony.
  4. Mirrors – Mirrors are a great thing to add to your wealth corner because they reflect light, expand the space and bring the presence of the water element.
  5. Images of wealth, success and abundance – find art that really speaks to your heart and expresses what wealth means to you. And be mindful of the colours – the best choices are green, brown, blue, black and yellow.
  6. Painted walls – Paint or decorate the walls in your wealth colour in any of the colours that nourish your wealth corner – especially green and brown. You can also bring purple into your wealth corner to activate it, but only use a small amount.

Feng shui will not magically guarantee you wealth and abundance, but rather through the practice of creating space for abundance in your life, you’re already experiencing more wealth.

You should fill your wealth corner with things you love and allow them to focus and shape your mindset towards a more abundant one.

3. Keep a clean stove

The hearth used to be the heart of the home. In modern living we’ve largely separated heating and cooking into separate areas, the stove is still symbolic of your resources in feng shui.

When you nourish your body well, you fill yourself with good energy from the food you can use to show up in the world with your best foot forward.

To have better feng shui in your home, keep your stove in great condition. Clean it and make sure all the burners are working. Use the stove every day to activate your fire energy to attract prosperity into your life.

And don’t just choose your burner on autopilot either!

Mindfully use different burners every time you use the stove to open up your energy and invite in new opportunities.

4. Check your home for broken things

In feng shui broken things in your home are energy vampires, sucking the wholesome energy of your home into the dysfunction.

To create good and wholesome energy in your home, repair and replace the things that are broken or that don’t work as you wish them to.

Especially things that are related to the building itself should be in good working order.

Creaky doors and windows that don’t open and close easily should be oiled, tightened and repaired.

The cupboards in our kitchen are really noisy (they don’t have fancy slow-close mechanisms) so we’ve put little silicone pads on all the doors and cupboards to help reduce the sound when you use them

Anything that’s related to plumbing, in particular, should be kept in good shape or you might start experiencing leaks or clogs in your finances.

An object that is no longer in working order can still be a beautiful decorative piece, but avoid displaying things that are broken in pieces.

The Japanese art of kintsugi is a good way of fixing broken things and making them beautiful again.

In kintsugi, you repair broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum to create a beautifully finished piece.

Another thing I like to do, which isn’t exactly ‘broken’, is to make sure that wherever there are a lot of wires – behind the TV, around work desks and where we have computers or phone chargers – are organised and placed in tubes to contain them.

Otherwise, they’re a sprawling, tangled mess that burns my blood every time I have to vacuum and can’t easily get to all the dust and mess that gets tangled in them.

So, just go around your house and make sure that things are in working order and operate smoothly within your living space.

5. Create a good workspace

In feng shui, it’s generally said that the desk you work at should never face a wall because this creates a block that puts a limit on the creative flow and opportunities flowing into your life.

Feng shui will also recommend that you place chairs in front of your desk for visitors as this helps attract prosperity – and while I find this can be useful at work, I don’t really get visitors in my home office.

Though I do have a stool next to my desk for the cats to sit on – and they make good use of it too!

They sit there just to keep me company and they like it because it has a good view over the rest of the apartment.

That’s also the closest they can come to me when they want to patiently-yet-insistently let me know they’re hungry.

In general, I’ve found that when you’re trying to find a place for a desk in a small home, it’s not always the best thing to put it in front of the window.

I feel exposed and vulnerable by the window, plus I get distracted easily by stuff outside.

Maybe if I had a window overlooking a garden or backyard where people don’t constantly walk, I’d feel differently.

But so far, I’ve preferred to have my desk facing a wall, which I’ve then decorated with the artwork I love.

I still have the window to my right and frequently look out of the window, but not because I’m distracted, usually to check the weather or to take a break from staring at the screen.

Or just to stare off into the distance and think!

And in any case, I reserve the window spaces in the house for the house plants so that they can be placed in front of the windows in winter when daylight is scarce.

If your desk is far away from a window, you can always use landscape photography and artwork to create a ‘window’ to the kind of views you love.

In feng shui, aligning things in an ‘unlucky’ direction doesn’t bring you misfortune, it simply means it might not be the most helpful energy for you.

In some cases, it simply has a neutral quality that neither blocks nor helps the flow of your energy.

So, with feng shui, it’s really best to follow your own intuition and consider how you feel and adapt the principles of feng shui to the space you’re working with.

6. Make a wealth vase or bowl

In feng shui, the wealth vessel is basically a magnet for wealth and prosperity.

It’s said to attract and strengthen the flow of wealth energy in your home.

The making of the wealth vase is still a tradition (and a sacred offering) in many Tibetan Buddhist Temples.

And there are traditional style wealth vases you can buy, or you can choose any vase, bowl or vessel you have at hand.

Be sure to choose one with a lid and one that isn’t see-through, as this is considered to allow the power of your wealth vase to ‘leak’ out.

The idea with the wealth bowl is to fill it with things that are significant and meaningful to you and that you associate with prosperity and wealth.

Also, your intention as you make your wealth bowl is an essential part of it.

How to make your own wealth vessel:

  • Prepare your vase or bowl and the items you want to put in it. According to feng shui, the more meaningful the items are to you, the more powerful their draw will be. You can also use traditional Chinese cures, such as Chinese coins, golden ingots, a small laughing buddha, and specific types of crystals.
  • Begin by filling the vase with your clear intent. Have a clear intent as to why you’re creating this vase and allow that to energise it. Then place the items you’ve chosen in it and close the lid.
  • The vase is not meant to be opened. If you need to open it once you’ve created it, being the process of filling it over again, as described above. While the vase is never opened, you can sure clean it on the outside as necessary. Traditionally, the wealth vase is symbolically cleaned for the Chinese New Year, but you can clean it as necessary.
  • Don’t display your wealth vase openly. Place it somewhere out of sight in a respectful manner. You can change the placement of your wealth vase, but it’s intended to be kept in an out-of-sight place, in a more cocooned area energetically.
  • Traditionally the wealth vase is placed in the wealth corner or your personal wealth direction. And you can have more than one feng shui wealth vase in your home, and in any size you want.

7. Decorate your home with plants

Plants are considered indicative of the energy of your home. Take the bonsai tree for instance.

The essence of good bonsai is symbiosis, and the health of the tree is representative of your health.

And as your tree grows, so do you (and vice versa).

When your plants are lush and healthy, it’s a good sign that the energy in your home is vibrant and abundant.

If your plants are wilting and dying, it’s an indication that the energy in your home is stagnant and neglected.

Having plants in the house really makes all the difference in how it feels, and caring for the plants is a good mindfulness practice to take a break and take care of yourself as well.

Bonus things you can do:

  • Get Chinese coins. They’re good luck charms that you can display in your home, or even carry in them in your wallet (usually three coins strung together with a red ribbon). You can hang them, frame them or simply place them on a surface. You can even hide them out of plain sight, so long as you can still see it. Make sure you turn the yang side up – that’s the side with the four characters.
  • Place a citrine crystal in your home. Citrine is the stone of ‘light and happiness’ and is said to host the energy of wealth and abundance. This vibrant, gold-toned quartz is a favourite for attracting wealth and assisting in continually renewing the energy for your prosperity. It encourages wealth to flow into your life with good health and ease. Place a crystal in your wealth corner, or in your purse for an extra boost!
  • Add flowing water. In feng shui, flowing water is connected to your flow of abundance and finances. Placing moving water in your home, such as a fountain, brings the element of water to your daily life. Keep it clean and in good repair, and remember to direct the water towards the centre of your home. If you have an exterior fountain, put it in the front of the property and direct the water towards the front door. To add the metal element to your fountain, add coins to it!

By organising your home according to the principles of feng shui, you won’t magically get healthier, happier or wealthier.

In feng shui, the process is as important as the end result.

That being said, working according to these ancient principles is a beautiful way to help clear clutter and bad energy from your home, and to focus your mind on achieving prosperity and good health.

As they say, feng shui won’t bring you wealth unless you work for it. Good luck!

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