Journaling for the Soul: The seasons of life

Like the moon, we have our own phases that we follow.

I found a great deal of support and comfort when I started being aware of my own phases.

Understanding my body better has allowed me to learn my personal patterns more intimately.

How my body feels and what part of the cycle it’s in has a great impact on my energy, mood, and emotions.

By taking that into consideration, I can find the compassion for myself that I didn’t have before, when I was just powering through my day no matter how I felt.

Many people feel very affected by the moon and find inspiration in following the lunar cycle in addition to their personal cycle.

I make it a point to be aware of my creative process, which also ebbs and flows.

Creativity isn’t linear.

And so it’s unrealistic of me to expect consistent output every day.

There are times when I’m more receptive and do better at reading, researching and absorbing.

And then there are times when my creative fire burns strong and I couldn’t find the patience to sit and read even if I wanted to.

So, I’ve learned to embrace and work with the different phases I find myself in and it’s genuinely made me more productive.

Because let’s remember: output is the same as productivity.

We all have a time of day when we naturally feel the most productive, the most creative.

How we spend our week affects our energy.

As an empath, you’re always more likely to feel exhausted and emotionally drained by the end of the week if your week runs from Monday to Friday.

When I worked shifts, I always made sure to have a full day dedicated to recovery and doing nothing after several days at work.

Let go of the obsession with output.

It’s better and more effective to follow your own natural energy flow.

You can’t always design your work after it, but you can be kind to yourself and remember to take extra good care of yourself when you know you’re lower on energy.

By being aware of what phase you’re in right now and plan for what’s coming up, you can stop worrying about the amount of output you’re producing and put more focus on the quality of what you do instead.

Focusing solely on output is a bit like Lucille at the candy factory and will quickly leave you overwhelmed and failing to keep up:

And just like with Lucy, that’s when we pull out the panic solutions that don’t actually deal with the problem but only put a temporary patch on it.

So, today I want you to think about what phases affect you or that you’d like to follow.


What phases give rhythm to your life?

Consider how your energy levels change during the course of a day, a week, and a month.

When is your energy high and outward focused? When is it more quiet and inward focused?

When do you feel social and adventurous? When do you feel like staying at home and opting out of big social gatherings?

And consider how each season makes you feel throughout the year. Which season is your most and which your least favourite? Why?