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Free journal printables to help you be more positive and productive

Ahhh, the taste of getting stuff for free. Key ingredient? Useful, purposeful design. The kind that makes your life better. And I’m here to help you clear out the clutter and make the most of your best thinking tool – your brain. A lot of people mistake their brain for a storage tool and use it for remembering things. But that’s not what your brain is good at. Yes, it can remember things, but what it’s really designed for is […]

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How to protect your energy as an empath: 6 everyday tips to avoid getting overwhelmed

girl sitting by the water

Being an empath is a wonderful thing because it allows you to understand how others – people and animals – feel on a profound level. It means you can truly appreciate what they’re going through, you feel genuine compassion for them and you’re often moved to help others. And you can be a great support to others. Because you’re deeply caring and are good at forming strong connections. But it’s not so great when you feel like you don’t want […]

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A quick guide to the BTB Bagua (feng shui energy map) for empaths

The energy map used in feng shui to optimise the energies and harmony in your house is called a Bagua. It offers a systematic way to evaluate and plan the energy flow of your environment. The name is Chinese – “Ba” translates to eight, “gua” means area – so “bagua” literally translates into “eight areas”. The Bagua consists of eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality – seen as a range of eight interrelated […]

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14 things you’ll only understand if you’re an empath and highly affected by the energy around you

woman standing on beach during sunset

The word ’empathy’ comes from Greek ‘empatheia‘, which is made up of em– (in) and pathos (feeling). Being able to feel how others feel is a unique ability. But this also means that you’re easily be affected by the energy other people bring to you, and that can cause some real challenges in the life of an empath. Being so sensitive to how others feel and experience things makes you a very caring and compassionate person. Understanding how others feel […]

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Why it’s important to protect your energy as an empath + 14 easy ways to do it

woman standing at beach

Being an empath means being highly sensitive to the energies around you. People, places, objects, events and environments all have a profound effect on how you feel. Being open to so much information all the time can easily send you on an emotional rollercoaster. Not in the least because very few people truly understand how deeply affected you can be. Commuting to work used to be my hellfire. Being on the underground in the press of morning rush hour made […]

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What’s the deal with bodywork (and should I try it)?

What is bodywork and should you try it?

All forms of bodywork, from massage to acupuncture and movement therapies, are a physical and emotional check-in that verges on a form of self-study. They are a way to get to know your outer shell, your body, on a deeper level and discover old sheaths of tension and trauma that have been hidden from plain view. The benefits you get from having your body worked on are many, like increased circulation, muscle relaxation, the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system, also known […]

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Never feel overwhelmed or overstimulated again with these 4 simple tips

woman sitting on floor near window at daytime

When you want to make people happy, you have a hard time saying no. But learning when to say no is one of those life lessons you just gotta learn if you ever want to learn how to live with your sensitivity. Saying no doesn’t mean refusing to socialise. It’s more about learning what you can deal with and when you have the capacity to do so. And learning to take care of yourself when you do know that there’s […]

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How are you supposed to ground yourself if you’re searching in the branches for something that can only be found in the roots?

Grounding exercise when you're feeling stressed

Wouldn’t it be nice to go through life with a deep sense of calm and rarely think about the “what ifs”? To have a sense of being fully embodied, whole, centred and balanced in yourself and your relationships and having a deeper connection to your authentic self? Be in complete control of your mental and emotional self and not be easily influenced by other ideas and individuals? Life repeats itself mindlessly and unless you become mindful, it will go on […]

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Do you have what it takes to turn your pain into power?

How to turn your pain into your power

The thing about success is, that we don’t achieve it despite feeling pain. We achieve it precisely because we experience pain. Now, I know this sounds like the short end of the stick – it kind of is – but if we spend our lives running away from the pain we’re never going to benefit from it. Life has a funny way of always coming back at us with the lessons that we didn’t learn the first time around. If […]

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