Journaling for the Soul: Daydream out loud

We live in such a task-oriented society.

Just the idea of taking a break to let your mind think freely is seen as lazy or unproductive.

Because if you’re sittin’ there “doing nothing” you’re automatically classed as unproductive.

And, in a culture where everything is measured, that’s obviously a big no-no.

But you actually daydream more than you realise.

Almost 50% of your waking life, according to a 2010 study done by two Harvard researchers.

Daydreaming, noun 
A series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.

Think about when your mind wandered off the last time you were in a Zoom meeting.

Maybe you were thinking about what to eat for lunch, or transported yourself back to that magical summer when you toured the Mediterranean.

Daydreaming can involve the past or the present.

But most often, you daydream about the future. About things you’d like to do and how you’d like your life to be.

These interludes of free thoughts and images are brief diversions from your current world.

And they’re unconstrained from your daily experience.

By tuning out the noisy “outside” world, you allow your thoughts to flow freely.

This fosters mental relaxation and exploration.

When your thoughts flow like this, you are in what’s called the alpha wave state. And when you’re in the alpha zone, you’re serene and not thinking of anything with forced vigour.

You drift into a stream of consciousness that detaches you from your current external tasks.

And, mostly, this happens without thinking.

If you do this regularly, allow yourself to daydream, you can find those things that you’d really like to pursue, instead of just fantasise about.

Because daydreaming will point out those things in life that you’re discontent with and want to change.

Other things will just be nice to daydream about.

Like my husband dreams of having huskies. But he also knows they shed a lot and like to sing the, very loud, song of their people quite frequently.

He doesn’t want to deal with that or with a high-energy dog that needs lots of strenuous exercise to be truly happy, so he’s content with enjoying his daydreams of having huskies.

Today, I want you to give yourself permission to indulge in this pleasant pastime.


Daydreaming on purpose.

Let your mind travel to the magical land of make-believe.

Think about those things that would be so nice to have or to do, and just let yourself slide into it like a breeze on a warm summer’s day.

Give yourself permission to float away on the currents of your daydreams.

Then sit down to record it in your journal and see where that takes you!