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The journey of shadow work: these are the 4 questions people ask me the most

Shadow work is an introspective and deeply personal journey that many of us embark upon, often without even realising it. It’s an exploration of the darker aspects of our psyche, the parts of ourselves we’d rather keep hidden from the world and even from our own consciousness. “What does it mean to do shadow work?” To do shadow work is to confront the aspects of ourselves that we typically suppress, deny, or reject. These aspects are often rooted in our […]

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25 journal prompts to help you start your shadow work journey

So, why is it beneficial to work on shadow elements of yourself? It all comes down to self-knowledge and self-awareness. Being aware of your shadow self means you make better choices in life and identify the issues that you want to change or work on. What is shadow work? Shadow work is the process of exploring the unconscious parts of your mind with the goal of bringing them into conscious awareness so that you can accept and integrate them with […]

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