Maximize your savings potential: unlock the power of using a savings tracker for financial peace of mind

Saving money is one of the most important financial habits that can help you achieve your financial goals. However, saving money can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a plan or a system in place. One of the most effective ways to save money is to use a savings tracker. A savings tracker is a tool that helps you keep track of your savings goals, progress, and achievements. In this blog post,I want to explore the benefits of using […]

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What is a money script and how does it affect your finances as a woman?

Your daily life runs on habits. Do you jump right out of bed, or hit snooze a few times? Brush your teeth before or after breakfast? A lot of the little things you do in a day are things you’re not generally aware of. Not until someone points it out to you. It’s these preferences and learned behaviours that move you through the world. And they have a great impact on your life. Researchers found that this same is true […]

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Understand & improve your money mindset: why it’s important that women start talking about our deeply held beliefs around money

Don’t buy crap you don’t need. Spend less than you make. Pay your bills on time. Save for a rainy day and retirement. The mechanics of personal finance are pretty straight forward. But if you’ve ever set any kind of money goals for yourself, you know that doing that stuff in practice is more complicated. Because the stories you tell yourself limit your ability to take charge or your financial life. You spend a lot of time stressing about stuff […]

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Why empaths usually don’t make a lot of money + 5 money mindset shifts you can make to change that

Why your brain is the best tool to use when you want to make more money

For a type of person that’s typically REALLY into self-development and getting organised about life, it’s kind of ironic that most empaths aren’t wealthy. We love writing down goals and journaling about where we want to go in life (we’ve done this so many damned times). We use sticky notes, program reminders and support systems to help us with goals. We buy books, hire coaches, and surround ourselves with like-minded people. Yet we still struggle. At work. In business. With […]

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6 tips to help you bring more money into your life

How to shift your mind into abundance mode

Wondering why every time you get money it seems to leave as quickly as it came? Struggling to hit your next income goal so that the number in your bank account would last a little longer? Yeah, I’ve been there. And I know how frustrating it is to try and grow that number in your bank account but all you end up with is empty pockets at the end of every month. But what can you do to change that? […]

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The world needs more rich women! Here are 6 habits to help you shift your money mindset and create more abundance in your life

7 habits you can learn to day to bring more money into your life

What do you think; is there more money in your future? Or are you using your thoughts and energy to repel wealth and abundance? Why I’m bringing this up, is because abundance is an energy. And when you approach it that way it becomes far easier to create the good stuff in life. It doesn’t matter if you crave more money, more love, more friendships, more joy, more health or even more fun – by making yourself ready to receive […]

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5 journaling prompts to transform your money mindset and invite more money into your life

5 prompts to help you live a more abundant life

I make no secret of the fact that I love journaling. Journaling has some seriously powerful benefits. Especially, when you want to change something in your life. Getting clear and specific on what you really want, makes it so much easier to achieve the things you want in life (because you’ll know exactly what you want and what steps you need to get there). When you’re working on creating more abundance in your life, a technique called scripting is an […]

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How to make money as an empath: align your energy with your goals and use micro-habits to become a money magnet

woman in confetti rain how to become a money magnet

Although we love to gossip about money and power, real talk about money will shut down a conversation about as fast as talking about how you’ve gotten so familiar with your haemorrhoids you’ve named them. Talking about money just isn’t as socially acceptable as speculating on the latest goings-on in your neighbour Darcy’s bedroom. Money is something we should be teaching in school because it’s such a crucial part of life. Instead, we’re actively discouraged from talking about it. Because […]

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Here’s how to heal your money energy and start bringing more abundance into your life

Why empaths struggle to make a lot of money

The funny thing about money is that the more you worry about it, the less you have. And the less you care about it, the more you have. But you have to keep in mind that money is just a tool – not inherently good or bad. And it’ll take you where you want to go but it can never replace you as the driver. Take it from someone who’s been both poor as well as deeply in debt; money […]

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