Those who say it’s just an animal don’t get that pets are people too: 8 reasons why empaths share a deep bond with animals

woman posing with her small dog in front of a hedge

Empaths share a deep bond with animals – one that’s built on understanding, care and unconditional love. With your unique ability to genuinely feel what others feel, you’re uniquely positioned to develop a deep understanding of your animal companions. Being around people all day is tiring (even when it’s fun) and as an empath, you need to switch off from picking up on everyone else’s emotions and energy. Animals have a wonderful grounding effect on empaths. They can help you […]

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Why is losing a pet especially hard for sensitive people?

Why losing a pet is especially hard for sensitive people and empaths

Earlier this year, we had to say goodbye to our old buddy. He was 19 when he died, which is quite an accomplishment for a cat with several serious conditions. Losing him was very difficult because he was a part of our lives for so long. When I got an SMS from the vet, that Oscar’s urn was ready to be picked up, I read the beginning of the message in the notifications before swiping it right back up where […]

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6 ways introverts and cats are alike

For the longest time I thought I was a dog person, just because I grew up around dog people. But I always felt emotionally drained by dogs, constantly paying attention to me, always wanting me to go do something and never letting me make a trip to the fridge by myself. Then, I discovered cats with their aloof ways and nonchalant manner. And I bailed on dogs, like a rat off a sinking ship. Plus, when I complain about what […]

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