5 tips from a copywriter on writing a cover letter: this is how to bring out the best of yourself & show why you’re perfect for the job!

How to write a winning cover letter that will be read and not thrown int he trash

We used to live in communitites where we’d spend most of our lives with people we knew. But then we left that behind and started moving into cities. Cities that are full of strangers. People we’ve never met and never will. And this means you’re faced with the challenge of convincing complete strangers that they should take a chance on you. Give that job to you. Not the next person. To make that happen, you want to make sure that […]

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If you want to hire the right people, you have to write remarkable job ads that bring you the best candidates

Write better job ads if you want to get better candidates

Fine, you can jot up the copy for a job and post it, patting yourself on the back for a job well done. But really that’s just wasting your own time and resources. Because the only thing a poorly written job ad will accomplish is to bring in all the wrong applicants. A job ad is essentially brand communication and it should represent your (or your company’s) brand. More importantly, it should garner the attention of those who already are […]

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